Seeking Group Facilitators for Compassionate Herts

We are excited to introduce Compassionate Herts, a friendly, welcoming, and free peer support group for anyone aged 18 and over who has a history of attempted suicide. This group is facilitated by survivors of suicide attempts, providing a safe space for you to share your experiences and be around people who understand how you feel. Read more

The Big Health Get-together

Are you autistic and/or do you have a learning disability? Do you support an autistic person and/or someone with a learning disability as a family member, carer or professional ? Read more

Help Viewpoint train more Mental Health First Aiders

Viewpoint currently have two trained Mental Health First Aiders who run courses for our members and reach out to small businesses and other interested organisations to help them look for the signs of poor mental health and ensure managers and peers have the skills to improve the situation. We now want to train another. Read more

Mental Health Act Made Simple

In this video we explain the most commonly used sections (Sections 2,3,4,5(2), 5(4), 135 and 136) of the Mental Health Act, including their purpose, duration and professions involved in them. Read more

NHS Community Mental Health Transformation

This film is a short visual walk through of the NHS Long-Term Plan commitment on community mental health transformation. Read more

Viewpoint Member Releases Debut Novel

Based on her own experiences with mental ill health Read more

November's Get Together Presentation Video

Watch Headway Hertfordshire's presentation back now! Read more

Help to Manage the Cost of Living

Herts County Council have shared some useful links. Read more

Hertfordshire Mental Health Learning Disability and Autism Health and Care Partnership

Viewpoint is proud to be a part of the MHLDA Health and Care Partnership. Read more about it here! Read more

How Does the NHS in England Work... And How is it Changing?

Learn more about NHS organisations in this new short video Read more

The UK Governments New Draft Mental Health Bill

View the Department of Health and Social Cares draft bill for the Mental Health Act online now. Read more

Government Consultation Outcome: Operational guidance to implement a lifetime cap on care costs

The government is changing how personal care is paid for and ending the risk of unpredictable and unlimited care costs. Read more

HPFT Commencement of Client Contribution Process

Where can you go for additional information and support? Read more

Quit Smoking With The Help of the NHS App

It's never too late to quit! Read more

The NHS Community Mental Health Transformation

A short film about the NHS long-term commitment over the next few years Read more

Every Mind Matters: More support for children's mental health

A new campaign has been launched to help and support children, young people and their parents when it comes to mental health. Read more