One of Viewpoint's brilliant service users, Janet Pugh, has recently published a brilliant novel - The Fetcher. Her first published work, Janet spent the past two years writing and perfecting the book, which tells the story of a fictionalised version of herself - based on her own experiences with mental ill health.
Available on kindle, hardback and paperback, click here to find out more.
The book tells the story of our protagonist, Janet, who wakes up to find herself in a world built around the needs of disabled people. She struggles at first, but soon learns to appreciate life on Second Chance. Life is filled with sunny days and beautiful surroundings—everything to enable the residents to live a good life.
Janet makes friends along her journey and finds meaning for her life. However, along the way, she uncovers something that has the potential to disrupt her life and the lives of other residents on Second Chance. The idyllic world hides a secret, which Janet uncovers, risking everything as she searches for the truth.