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Viewpoint’s ‘Together we can influence change’ Strategy (2018-2023) describes how
we will work together with people with mental health and/or addictions challenges, to
influence change and achieve positive outcomes. Making sure people who use both
Viewpoint services and those provided by other organisations are at the Centre of all
they do.

Strategic Objectives 2018-2023 Our strategic objectives are:
1. We will improve, innovate and transform Viewpoint to provide the most effective,
productive and high-quality service through co-development and co-delivery.
2. We will deliver opportunities for people who use services, to enable them to
(i) develop skills to self-manage and
(ii) influence other organizations to hear and respond to what people say.
3. We will improve the wellbeing of people through the delivery of effective, evidence-
based services.
4. We will attract, retain and develop staff with the right skills and values.

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Annual Statement Report

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