Some of our members like to express themselves through art. 

Please see below for some amazing work from our members.

Flat without walls - By Hollis Dixon

Transparency is evident
Inclusion is innocent
The conclusion to your every move
Is submitted for evidence

Life is mapped out
By the opinions of many
From those who stand by you
To those far and wide

The surge of energy
That starts at dawn
To continue the process
For which you your born

No further forward
No way back
A movement that is still
On life’s circular track

Midway between the walls
Which are not really there
Just an illusion
So one is not aware

Life which surrounds you
Controls your every thought
The moment it clarity
Is the relief to the lot

It’s only time
A time for thought
With emotion to accompany it
All force to sort

Take pride in your ability
To see pass the day
To a time that’s approaching
When the clarity will stay 

A glimpse in to my secret world - By Charlotte Palmer

Day breaks
And I wake,
Feeling glad.
My secret world
Of morning dread,
Of whole days
In bed.
Barely eating,
As much
As I could
To block out
The pain,
To anaesthetise
The blame.
This world
Has gone,
Never say never.
Depression has
Come and gone.
Now it's gone
It may still re-emerge,
Dulling happiness,
Pressing down
On everything
Once again.
So I truly embrace
The morning sun,
And birds,
And children skipping to school.
To music
In the shower,
Food tasting good.
Because my secret world
Could steal that away.

Last Words - By Hollis Dixon

If I have upset or cause any discomfort in your life,
I’m sorry
If I have helped, encourage or made your life better,
It was my pleasure.
Just because you can’t see me,
Doesn’t mean that I am not there.
You can feel me, think me.
If you need help or my advice.
I have already told you, you just have to remember.
Live and love life.