Feedback on our Zoom Activities

It is lovely that Viewpoint cares about their members/service users in such a lonely time. Myself choosing to come out of an abusive relationship because of Covid was a challenge and still is but I found the skills Viewpoint gave me helped me through what I had to do and the people I met through Viewpoint are supporting me still. So thank you Viewpoint, I'm still learning who I am and it's hard but I will get there.

- Sharon

All of my regular activities such as going to Trinity Community Centre’s Peer Support group and doing my exercise at the gym for example, have been cancelled due to the lockdown and I haven’t been out of my flat as regularly as I would normally. I’m a very social person and enjoy the company of others and without Viewpoint’s activities I would have felt lonely, isolated and cut off.
I think the activities have been really great because they are connecting people together and keeping us busy during the lockdown. They give me something to do during the day and I get to know new people which I think is very good. I’m not sure what I would have done without them, they make me feel better and I really enjoy them.

A big thank you to everyone who has hosted an activity with Viewpoint.

- Ruth