Make Do & Mend Group - sharing practical skills and hacks relating to small DIY projects, recycling and mending items.  


Aims & Objectives of group:

Sharing safe practices with others - "do it well, do it safe'

Connecting people with a shared interest in recycling and mending/DIY

Passing on skills to others so those ways of doing things don't get lost



- Bringing people together online - reducing loneliness and isolation

- Equipping people with the skills so they feel more self reliant 

- Giving people an opportunity to share skills, tips and hacks they have learnt 

- Supporting people to come up with greener solutions to practical issues around their home.  Also if you can extend the life of something it can save you  money.  

The first group theme is to talk about health and safety! Find out more information here 

Thursdays 7pm - 8pm

Start Date: Thursday 26th November 2020

Check out our Virtual Schedule for the Zoom joining link that week or our Events Calendar.