Mindfulness is being in the moment, knowing we are in the moment, and knowing what is happening in the moment, both around us and within our own mind. It is a faculty which, if developed, leads to a limitless growth of our human potential.

The moment we knowingly observe our thoughts or behaviour, we are mindful – we know what is happening in the moment. This simple fact transforms the way we live because it grounds us in the present. And the present is our only reality.

We are all very busy in our modern lives and many of us are looking for ways in which to cope with anxiety, stress, and pain. Furthermore, we are looking for ways in which to enhance our wellbeing and cope better with life’s challenges.

There are many mindfulness courses available for specific problems, but our compassion-based mindfulness course is for everyone.

The mindfulness element trains us to be present in the only moment that matters – the present one. We can show up for the pleasantness of the presentness.

The compassion element supports those of us who are hard on ourselves to recognise that we are actually OK as we are. Once we recognise this, we can be happy and more relaxed about life’s ups and downs

The Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) is a weekly mindfulness course, starting on Monday 4th October consisting of 8 classes, between 90 minutes and 2 hours long. No previous experience is required and is open to everyone and anyone.

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