In our latest involvement opportunity, to coincide with Hertfordshire County Council's plan to recommission Complex Needs Service contracts, we want to find out more about people’s experience of Complex Needs services in Hertfordshire and what you feel that you need in terms of help or support. In order to do this, we are looking for feedback from those that have used, or are currently using complex needs services, to gain an impartial view on the effectiveness and benefits of the services as a whole; we want to find out about the services that you have used, as well as the professionals that you have spoken to, and focus on what they did or didn’t help you with.

We'd love to hear from you ahead of two focus groups we have coming up next week! To collect your views, we have developed a short questionnaire that you can fill in by clicking here!

Alternatively, if you'd like to fill in the questionnaire by hand and post it to us, you can do that too! Please click here to download the survey and then send it to us at:

Weltech Business Centre,
Welwyn Garden City,

If you'd like to view more information on the details of this involvement opportunity - please download the Involvement Summary document by clicking here.

We'd also like to invite you along to one of our upcoming focus groups, in order to further collect your views and give you a chance to elaborate on some of your thoughts and feelings on the delivery of complex needs services in Hertfordshire. We're exited to be bringing you these focus groups both via online and face-to-face meetings. See below for the times and how to access!


Complex Needs Services Focus Groups

Face-to Face Focus Group
Tuesday 24th May
1pm - 2.30pm

Turning Point,
Hertfordshire Complex Needs Service,
Office F14
Business Tech Centre,
Bessemer Drive,
Hertfordshire, SG1 2DX


Online Focus Group (Zoom)
Wednesday 25th May
1.30pm - 3pm

Click here to access