National HIV Testing Week starts on Monday 7 February, a great opportunity to get tested and encourage others to test for HIV. Testing is free, fast, confidential and simple – you can even do it at home, all it takes is a finger-prick test. It’s recommended you test for HIV at least once a year and more regularly if you’ve had unprotected sex or more than one partner.

1 in 20 people with HIV are unaware they have it, increasing the risk of passing HIV on to sexual partners. Anyone can get an HIV test, no matter what your circumstances are. Order your free kit this National HIV Testing Week and know your status – it’s delivered in plain packaging, directly to you:

Five reasons why you should get tested for HIV

  1. Be sure of your status
  2. Testing is free easy and confidential
  3. Take control of your health and stay well
  4. Keep you and your partner healthy
  5. Get the treatment and support you need

Anyone diagnosed with HIV in Hertfordshire can access free treatment and support. For information on how to access a range of testing, treatment and sexual health support services in Hertfordshire visit:

Order now, test at home, get your results by text: