Do you have experience of contacting Adult Care Services for information and advice or to make a referral for an assessment or for support? Could you help Hertfordshire County Council improve how this works?
Hertfordshire County Council’s Adult Care Services co-production advisory group has launched a new survey to better understand the needs, challenges and aspirations of all Hertfordshire communities.
The online survey asks people to answer three questions, to collect views about how getting in touch with social care for information, advice and support is working for them. There is also the chance to take part in workshops in September. The survey and workshop results will be used to inform and shape the County’s ongoing improvement plans around the Gateway Service.
Please do share your views and experiences by taking part in this short survey. People aged 18 years and above living in Hertfordshire who have contacted adult care services for information and support, or their carers/family members as well as representatives of community groups or other local organisations based in Hertfordshire are invited to take part. It should take around 10 minutes to complete.