Potters Bar Foodbank is now providing a delivery service, courtesy of a new foodbank van, for those families and individuals referred to them who are unable to collect from their centre, or to collect bulk donations from supermarkets. An amazing £15,000 was contributed towards the new service and a further donation was provided by a local company in Potters Bar.

Rising pressures on household budgets has meant there’s been an increased pressure on foodbanks, with Potters Bar foodbank seeing a 60% rise in the number of people needing assistance since January 2022.

The new delivery service will ensure foodbank services are more accessible to residents, making it easier for those with mobility, healthcare, or other logistical issues to get the help they need.

In response to the increased pressure on foodbanks, we set up the Food Poverty Alliance, an initiative to bring together partners to reduce food poverty and food insecurity in the borough and to enhance services.

Through this, the ‘Worrying about Money?’ leaflet was designed and delivered to help all households across the borough in March to help more people identify and access local advice providers as well as existing entitlement.

Additionally, residents can get further information about financial support on the council’s new webpage by clicking here.