Moving into Awareness: A beginner’s course on integrating energy with mind and body.

Join us to:

- Delve into the understanding and awareness of energy both in and around us. - Learn to use this understanding of energy to discover our connection to anxiety and how to recognise this when it is not healthy. - Begin creating calm within ourselves, no matter what else is happening.

Sessions will be held on Zoom – 1 hour, once a week for 4 weeks. Starting on Wednesday 1st September at 7PM and then the three following Wednesday's at the same time.

With Lucia, Carol and Ruthie.


We bring a variety of skills and experience in producing and delivering workshops to support people in self-discovery. Helping people to find their own resources to improve their quality of life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Lucia: I have worked with Soul Support Systems for 10 years, and also have many years of experience working with people in recovery and with Stevenage Survivors Creative Writing Group.

Carol: As well as training and working with Soul Support Systems for some 5 years, honing and developing a variety of mindfulness skills, I have many years’ experience working to support adults and children find ways to help themselves – whether in stress, crisis, trauma or recovery.

Ruthie: I have been a practicing holistic therapist for many years and I have worked with Soul Support Systems for 10 years, running workshops and retreats, to assist people to become more centered and able to live from their truth.

For enquiries about the course please contact Lucia by email [email protected] or mobile 07954141127.

Booking: via Eventbrite / Viewpoint Hertfordshire.

This course is a Soul Support Systems, Essential Life Skills Programme ( )

If you have already done this training but missed some sessions, you are welcome to come along again.