The global COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for many people experiencing mental health challenges. With your support we can help them. 

You can help us to support people to build their resilience. Recovery lets individuals take control, come to  understand their experience and take pro-active steps to promote their wellbeing. Recovery is about hope and taking opportunities. By offering a positive social experience, with your help, we will help people to bounce back when difficulties strike, making sense of the circumstances will help the person to accept and move on.

Together with the COVID-19 crisis and having mental health challenges can increase the risk of feeling lonely, which will have a negative impact. MAKING CONNECTIONS will build community and individual resilience, using community capital to ‘bounce back’. By having an opportunity to share, be creative, problem-solve and develop friendships and support will tackle some of the inequalities, people with mental health challenges may face.

Make a donation today to help those feeling isolated and lonely. Help to promote positive mental wellbeing.

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