Wednesday 17th February

Free Gambling Awareness and Harms Training at 10.30AM
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Thursday 18th February

Mindfulness at 10.30AM
Meeting ID: 963 5435 7196
Passcode: Viewpoint1

CANCELLED - We apologise for any inconvenience

Hemel Hempstead Locality Forum at 11am

Meeting ID: 838 9382 7746
Passcode: hemel

Tea and Chat at 2.30PM
   Meeting ID: 934 8377 6296
   Passcode: Viewpoint1

Mutual Support Group at 4.30PM
Meeting ID: 844 6890 3663
Passcode: Viewpoint1

Make do and Mend at 7PM
Meeting ID: 926 0612 9907
Passcode: Viewpoint1

Friday 19th February

Poetry Hour at 1PM
Meeting ID: 870 6674 7654
Passcode: Viewpoint1

Colouring and Company at 2.30PM
Meeting ID: 931 5986 7782
Passcode: Viewpoint1

Saturday 20th February 

Animal Magic Group at 4PM

Meeting ID: 867 2160 9506
Passcode: Viewpoint1

Music Appreciation at 7PM
Meeting ID: 896 0416 3848
Passcode: Viewpoint1

Booking for this event has now closed.