Here at Viewpoint, we believe that the modern male doesn’t fit into a box and that everybody has something valuable to share, no matter their background or what have been through in life. Our brand new men’s peer support group, The Man Cave, will provide males in Hertfordshire with mental health or addiction challenges an opportunity to discuss issues and share their experiences with other males in situations similar to their own.

The project, undertaken online via Zoom, offers four closed weekly support groups of up to six participants, ran for 12 weeks, providing a safe space for men to talk through the subjects that they may not always feel comfortable doing so in the outside world. Our aim is to provide a space for the males of our community to drop by and relax in an environment where they can let go of any pretence, take off the mask they might wear in the outside world and talk about the things that truly affect them. The groups will be hosted and supported by male facilitators from Viewpoint, who each have their own lived experience of mental health or addiction challenges themselves. This structure ensures that our groups emanate an air of familiarity and ensures that we are providing our service users with the empathy that they deserve.

At the end of the twelve weeks, all of the participants will have gained new connections and will have found a new network of peers to support their needs and will be able to maintain or improve their wellbeing through the continued support and advice of not only their fellow participants, but also via joining additional Viewpoint support groups, should they wish.

Thursdays from September 23: 2.30pm – 3.30pm (Group 1)

Please note, you only need to book a ticket for the first date. Each of the following 12 sessions are included and you'll receive the link for every session once the booking process is complete.

Values and behaviours considered necessary to attend these sessions include the importance of participation, openness, trust, confidentiality, listening without interrupting, respecting differences of view and keeping to agreed timing.