Our Get Together event for May features special guest Laurence Nicholson, founder and CEO of the N Cubed Group and Burnout Hacker, and global-award winning burnout prevention educator. Following his own significant burnout, Laurence has written a book about his experience and subsequent research into prevention, and now specialises in taking neuroscientific concepts and translating them into everyday language for increasing awareness of both the impacts of stress on our brains, and some ways to keep it healthy and more resilient.

The session will take a look at our brains, how they work, and how to tackle a couple of everyday scenarios, as well as a tip on how to benefit our long term mental strength and resilience.

This is sure to be a fantastic and enlightening session!


These Get Together events are an opportunity for Viewpoint members to meet and share their views and ideas regarding mental health and drug and alcohol services within Hertfordshire. Held via Zoom, these monthly meetings will provide an opportunity to learn more about the mental health services in your community and give you a chance to share your views, based on your own experiences on your recovery journey.

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