In this special Get Together session on Tuesday 17th May, we'll be joined by Healthwatch Hertfordshire.

We are working with Healthwatch Hertfordshire (HwH) to help improve local healthcare for Black and Asian Hertfordshire residents. We are inviting you to our virtual Get Together focus group to talk about your experiences of local NHS services and discuss how the healthcare system could work better for you.

Who is Healthwatch Hertfordshire?

Healthwatch Hertfordshire is an independent charity. Their role is to understand the needs, experiences and concerns of people who use health and social care services in Hertfordshire, and to speak out on their behalf.

What is the work about?

COVID-19 has highlighted, and worsened, ethnic health inequalities. This means that some people face great difficulty accessing and using health services. So far, people have told us that they face particular challenges with mental health services.

The work, and this discussion group, is an opportunity for you to share your experiences with any healthcare service, as well as to talk about what communities and individuals want to see improving within the local NHS.

How will this make a difference?

By sharing your views and experiences, you will be informing recommendations made to local NHS leaders by Healthwatch Hertfordshire. These recommendations will focus on what local NHS services can do to be more inclusive and improve equality – in particular, how they can better meet the cultural, ethnic and/or religious needs/preferences of people in your community.


These Get Together events are an opportunity for Viewpoint members to meet and share their views and ideas regarding mental health and drug and alcohol services within Hertfordshire. Held via Zoom, these monthly meetings will provide an opportunity to learn more about the mental health services in your community and give you a chance to share your views, based on your own experiences on your recovery journey.

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