HealthWatch Headlines - 5th April 2019

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 I know there’s been a bit of a break, but here are your headlines. We’ll also be sending out another headlines update next Friday, so look out for that one!

 Just a reminder about the purpose of these emails. This is to outline the broad facts and themes around certain issues, and to provide the organisation’s position on those issues. As ever, if you want any more information about these areas please get in touch and, just as importantly, if we’re not covering concerns or issues you’re hearing about, please let me know.

MSK Services
Co-Production Board
Long Term Plan: #WhatWouldYouDo

Musculoskeletal Services


  • Following on from our last update, Priya will now be meeting with the provider Connect on 15th April.

KEY POINTS: This meeting with Connect is another opportunity for us to ensure the patient voice is heard in the delivery of new services. It also highlights how vital proper engagement and communication with services users is to avoid misunderstanding of the way services are being delivered.



  • At the end of January HCC held a engagement workshop looking at how co-production is carried out across the county council

    • We were involved in the facilitation of the day

    • The workshop was attended by service users, VCS, and professionals

  • On 28th March a general summary of the event was discussed with the most pertinent point being the complexity of the current process for service users and carers to engage with councillors, commissioners, and service providers

    • This has led to the recommendation of a restructuring of groups and boards with a reduction of meetings in some areas felt to be over provisioned (EG: Learning Disabilities) and the creation of new meeting in others (EG: Older People)

Further Information

  • The co-production board will be putting out a draft proposal based on these recommendations shortly

  • This is being seen as an opportunity to integrate our service watch groups into a more formalised structure within HCC

    • Were this to happen, these groups would still be independent, with us playing a facilitative role

Key Messages: This is an opportunity to ensure that the people who use these services have a real chance to have a say in their own support, commissioning, and delivery. We will continue to support the ideal of co-production, whilst ensuring that any decisions made are representative of the views of the people of Hertfordshire.


West Herts Hospital Trust: Options Evaluation for Redevelopment


  • Following on from previous updates, Meg has been a member of the Options Panel to explore the different possibilities for the future of acute care in the west of the county

  • Meg and also attended an event with a broader range of attendees, including members of the general public and clinicians to further discuss the shortlisted options

    • Although it was good to have an opportunity to be involved, we have raised a concern that the event was dominated by clinicians and there was insufficient time to evaluate all the options

  • We have attached a copy of the full presentation to this email

  • It is important to note that NHS England has said that the whole budget for this work should it be awarded is £350mil

Further Information

  • There will now be another Options Panel held in May

KEY POINTS: The engagement process must take account of the views and needs of service users and communities across West Hertfordshire. Engagement events are an opportunity to explain plans to communities, but also to hear concerns and ideas.


Long Term Plan: #WhatWouldYouDo


Further Information

  • The results will be used by us locally to support work being done by the STP and other commissioners

  • They will also feed into a national project

KEY POINTS: This is a chance for the people of Hertfordshire to have their voice heard within a national piece of work. We need as many people as possible to fill in the surveys, especially if they are part of a hard to reach group or might face different issues accessing NHS services. EG: BME, Homeless, Frail etc.

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