We need Peer Reviewers. Can you help?

Viewpoint has been asked to support the Community Wellbeing Team in reviewing the existing portfolio of voluntary sector mental health contracts in Hertfordshire that they commission and we need service users to help lead peer review workshops.

To ensure that service users are able to feedback their experiences for commissioners to use within their contract reviews, we will be using a variety of methods to hear what people say.

We believe that it is essential that this done by engaging service users as Peer Reviewers and we want you to contact us if you are interested. We are running a Peer Reviews planning workshop on the afternoon of Friday 16th January 2015 from 1pm – 2:30pm please can you confirm your availability to attend the workshop at your earliest opportunity.

The workshop will look at beginning to put in place the structure of the Peer Reviews that we would like to run in late Jan, Feb, and early March 2015; the Community Wellbeing Team need to have a report ready by the last week in March.


If you are interested in being a Peer Reviewer the contact Leslie on 01707 328014 or via Leslie@hertsviewpoint.co.uk