Viewpoint AGM & proposed resolution

As you will hopefully know, Viewpoint is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) from 1pm to 4pm on 28th November 2014 at the Focolare Centre in Welwyn Garden City. This year we have 7 trustees standing for nomination as well as an important resolution to enable us to complete the next stage of changing our status to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)


As you may remember during our AGM on 25th October 2013, we asked for members’ approval to change our status from an unincorporated Charity to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This would enable us to provide a more stable platform for delivering the objects of Viewpoint while also providing security to the organisation and trustee board. The move will be looked on favourably by funders who expect good governance and takes advantage of the new structure as it was intended.


The process is well underway, with the CIO currently waiting to be accepted by the Charity Commission. The constitution is available for all members to read and it is important to note that the Object of the charity has not changed, nor are there restrictions on nominations to the trustee board. This process will not affect the day to day running of the organisation and has no impact on our aims and objectives. The name of Viewpoint will also not change.


In order to complete the next stage of the process, we need to ask members permission to dissolve Viewpoint and agree the transfer of assets and liabilities (such as our commissioned contracts and staff) to the new CIO. This is a technical procedure governed by the Charity Commission and must fall in line with our current constitution.


Our current constitution states that there needs to be a 2/3 (two thirds) majority agreement by members ‘present and voting’ to enable this to happen. We have set out in the resolution below that the dissolution will only occur once the new CIO has been accepted. Current trustees from Viewpoint will form the new board and nominations will continue as normal at the AGM next year.


The trustees have decided that postal voting will not be available for this resolution as they feel it is important for people to be able to ask questions at the AGM prior to the vote.


What if an agreement is not reached?

 The trustees of Viewpoint feel strongly that this is an important move for the organisation. As previously mentioned, it has been agreed in principle at the AGM in 2013 and this is the next stage in the process. Dissolving Viewpoint is simply a step in this process and will not result in a change of the services Viewpoint provides.


If the agreement is not reached then the trustees feel this will put the organisation at risk. The contracts managed by Herts County Council for the voluntary sector are due to be reviewed and we need to ensure we are in the best position to provide for our members.


The resolution which will be proposed at the AGM is as follows


As part of the change of status to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) as agreed by members at the AGM on 25th October 2013, the trustees of Viewpoint propose that, subject to the successful registration of Viewpoint (the CIO) with the Charity Commission they will:

1.     Dissolve the Charity in accordance with Clause U of the constitution

2.     Transfer all assets and liabilities to Viewpoint CIO

If you have any questions about the resolution then please feel free to contact Leslie Billy on 01707 328014 or