Urgent Notification: Flu Pressure on Local Hospitals

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HCPA recently received an urgent alert from both Herts Valleys and East and North Herts Clinical Commissioning Groups regarding increased pressure on local hospitals due to 'Flu like' symptoms in service users, which they would like for us to share with all our members.

Please see below for the full message: 

We are asking all care providers to refer any ‘Flu like’ symptoms in service users to your GP or OOHs doctor in the first instance, wherever possible, instead of A&E departments due to increased pressure on local hospitals.

As you are aware, cases of Flu cannot be confirmed until after swabs are taken. The District nursing service are working in conjunction with PHE to undertake this role,  and 111 or OOH Doctors are coming out to prescribe medication during the weekend period.

Your help in this matter, wherever possible, is much appreciated.