'The lives we want to lead' - our green paper for adult social care and wellbeing


'The lives we want to lead'

The LGA green paper for adult social care and wellbeing

Adult social care and support matters to everyone in the country but decades of failures to find a sustainable solution to how to pay for services, and the Government’s recent decision to delay its long-awaited green paper on the issue until the autumn, has prompted council leaders to take action.

The knock on effect of increased pressure on adult social care services – of which the spend for some councils accounts for over half of their core spending power– impacts on many of the services that keep our communities running in councils across the country.

Today we am writing to let you know that we have launched a nationwide consultation to kick-start a desperately-needed debate on how to pay for adult social care and rescue the services caring for older and disabled people from collapse.

Why are we undertaking a consultation?

Adult social care provides personal and practical support to people of all ages help them live the lives they want to lead. It supports people who have disabilities, mental health conditions or are generally frail, as well as their carers.

It helps bind our communities, it sustains our NHS and it provides essential economic value to our country.

But social care is facing a crisis. It has been underfunded for many years and is facing a funding gap of £3.56 billion by 2024/25. Plugging this gap would just keep services standing still and does not include any funding needed to improve services. The longer-term remains just as insecure. It is time to come together and make case that investment in social care and support for people who need it helps them to reach their, and in turn our country’s, full potential.

Why your views are important?

We are all likely to be touched by social care at some point in our lives, whether that be ourselves or our friends and families. It’s therefore essential that everyone has a say in what the future of social care should look like and how we should pay for it.

We want to start a  nationwide debate about how best to fund the care we want in all our communities for adults of all ages - and how social care, the NHS and other public services can work together to support and improving people’s wellbeing.

This is our chance to put social care right at the very heart of the Government’s thinking.

Read the green paper

We will reflect on what we’re told through our consultation in a further publication later in the autumn.

Support us

Many of you have played a crucial role in helping us pull together this important piece of work, so thank you for all your contributions. We’d be very grateful if as many councils and stakeholders as possible could promote the green paper by sharing it on Twitter and elsewhere with the hashtag #FutureofASC. If you’d rather create your own content you can find resources, including suggested tweets and images, in our toolkit. 

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