The East of England Citizens’ Senate

Their ambition is to be the hub for patient and public voice across the NHS in the East of England. They have three main priorities:

·         To take a role in public assurance for the Strategic Clinical Network & Senate

·         To be the ‘hub’ connecting public voice from locality to region to national influence

·         To be the public ‘guiding conscience’ for strategic/major healthcare decisions across the region

 “A connected and experienced group of people aiming to influence regional NHS strategy by presenting patient, carer and family perspectives.”

Get Involved:

Members will receive out-of-pocket expenses for their duties  

Members may leave the Citizens’ Senate at any time and without notice.

Meetings of the Citizens Senate will be held quarterly, with sub committee meetings and training events held additionally if required. Business will also be conducted online.

For further information please contact email , download the document here or via Twitter @EoECitizens.