Stay Safe in Hot Weather

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Stay safe in hot weather

We're advising residents to take a few precautions to keep themselves healthy and safe in the hot weather.

A few top tops:

• Stay out of direct sun between 11am and 3pm.

• Wear loose-fitting clothes and a hat; apply sunscreen and walk in the shade.

• Have plenty of cold drinks and keep cool with cold showers or baths if necessary, cold foods and by avoiding extreme activity.

• Keep homes cool as best you can, perhaps by keeping the curtains drawn on very hot days, and well ventilated.

• Remember some medicines need to be kept cool - check the instructions on the packet.

• Babies, children and older people (and pets) should not be left in stationary cars.

Tim Hutchings, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Prevention, said: "While many people enjoy hot weather, high temperatures can be dangerous, especially for people who may be particularly vulnerable such as older people, young children and those with serious illnesses.

“Everyone can enjoy the sun safely by keeping out of the heat at the hottest time of the day, avoiding sunburn and staying hydrated with plenty of cool drinks.

"Older people and those with long-term illnesses are particularly vulnerable to the effects of very hot weather, so it’s important to look out for them and keep indoor areas as cool as possible.”

If you feel unusually unwell consult your doctor if symptoms (such as headache, intense thirst, dizziness or muscular spasms) persist.

Further information and advice can be obtained from a free telephone call to NHS 111 or online from NHS at

HPFT Wellbeing Plan Focus Groups

HPFT Wellbeing Plan focus groups (this is paid Involvement opportunity)

Viewpoint is looking for up 15 people from across the County to attend a Wellbeing Plan focus group on the afternoon March 20th 3 – 5pm at Colonnades in Hatfield, this is being organised by HPFT and the lead is Kate Linhart (Head of Social Work and Safeguarding).

The focus group is being held to gain the views of service users on the Wellbeing Plan which is for people using Adult Mental In-patient and Community services, also those on CPA.

The Wellbeing plan is not for people accessing Wellbeing team / IAPTS / CAMHS and people with dementia and learning disabilities as these groups use other specific care planning tools that are more appropriate.

I have included a survey link below, for you to please complete.

Wellbeing Plan Survey 

If you are interested in participating in the Wellbeing Plan focus group or would like more information please can you reply to; or 01707-3861346 by no later than the Midday 15th March 2019.

New Courses Added in December Due to Popular Demand!

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Due to some courses becoming fully booked so early in term we are repeating some courses and have a brand new courses as well;


Self-compassion for everyday life, St Albans, Tuesday 4th December 10am-1pm

*NEW* Pain explained, Hemel Hempstead, Wednesday 12th December 2pm-5pm

Understanding anxiety, Hemel Hempstead, Thursday 13th December 2pm-5pm

Wellbeing and creativity, Watford, Monday 17th December 10am-1pm

*NEW* Pain explained, Letchworth, Wednesday 19th December 10am-1pm

Understanding depression, Stevenage, Wednesday 19th December 10am-1pm


To book on these or any of our FREE courses log onto your student page at


New Leaf Wellbeing College

Office: 01442 864966

Autumn term is open for booking at New for this term are Wellbeing & creativity, Self-compassion for everyday life, Five steps to wellbeing and Introduction to addiction & recovery

'The lives we want to lead' - our green paper for adult social care and wellbeing


'The lives we want to lead'

The LGA green paper for adult social care and wellbeing

Adult social care and support matters to everyone in the country but decades of failures to find a sustainable solution to how to pay for services, and the Government’s recent decision to delay its long-awaited green paper on the issue until the autumn, has prompted council leaders to take action.

The knock on effect of increased pressure on adult social care services – of which the spend for some councils accounts for over half of their core spending power– impacts on many of the services that keep our communities running in councils across the country.

Today we am writing to let you know that we have launched a nationwide consultation to kick-start a desperately-needed debate on how to pay for adult social care and rescue the services caring for older and disabled people from collapse.

Why are we undertaking a consultation?

Adult social care provides personal and practical support to people of all ages help them live the lives they want to lead. It supports people who have disabilities, mental health conditions or are generally frail, as well as their carers.

It helps bind our communities, it sustains our NHS and it provides essential economic value to our country.

But social care is facing a crisis. It has been underfunded for many years and is facing a funding gap of £3.56 billion by 2024/25. Plugging this gap would just keep services standing still and does not include any funding needed to improve services. The longer-term remains just as insecure. It is time to come together and make case that investment in social care and support for people who need it helps them to reach their, and in turn our country’s, full potential.

Why your views are important?

We are all likely to be touched by social care at some point in our lives, whether that be ourselves or our friends and families. It’s therefore essential that everyone has a say in what the future of social care should look like and how we should pay for it.

We want to start a  nationwide debate about how best to fund the care we want in all our communities for adults of all ages - and how social care, the NHS and other public services can work together to support and improving people’s wellbeing.

This is our chance to put social care right at the very heart of the Government’s thinking.

Read the green paper

We will reflect on what we’re told through our consultation in a further publication later in the autumn.

Support us

Many of you have played a crucial role in helping us pull together this important piece of work, so thank you for all your contributions. We’d be very grateful if as many councils and stakeholders as possible could promote the green paper by sharing it on Twitter and elsewhere with the hashtag #FutureofASC. If you’d rather create your own content you can find resources, including suggested tweets and images, in our toolkit. 

Contact us  
18 Smith Square
London, SW1P 3HZ

Telephone: 020 7664 3000
Fax: 020 7664 3030

Could you help us write a course about pain?

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New Leaf Wellbeing College is planning to write a course about living with pain. If you live, or have lived, with pain and have developed strategies to manage we would like to hear from you! We are looking for 2 students to join us at a co-production meeting on Wednesday 8th August at 2pm-5pm at Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust offices in St Albans. You can be reimbursed for your time if you wish.

If you are able to commit to the co-production meeting please let us know. If more than 2 students nominate themselves we will draw names from a hat and notify the students drawn.

New Leaf Wellbeing College
Office: 01442 864966

Autumn term is open for booking at New for this term are Wellbeing & creativity, Self-compassion for everyday life, Five steps to wellbeing and Introduction to addiction & recovery

Free activities and prizes to be won – LAST CHANCE to register!

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Time is running out!
Visit or call HertsHelp on 0300 123 4044 before 15 July 2018 to sign up.

FREE activity pass
FREE activity pass (and free hot drink in some districts) for you and a friend to help you try new local activities.

FREE guided walks
FREE guided walks across Hertfordshire every week for all levels and abilities.

FREE activity planner!
FREE activity planner to help you develop a regular routine and build up activity gradually.

FREE personalised support
Friendly advisers on the other end of a phone to help you find the right activity. Just call 0300 123 4044 or email


Win an iPad or FitBit
Complete a simple follow up survey to enter into a prize draw for an iPad, FitBit or clothing vouchers.


Laurie’s story
Read 83 year old Laurie Kerr’s story to find out why his motto is: “Instead of waiting for the NHS to light the lamp at the end of the tunnel, go down there and light it yourself!”

Malcolm and Sandra’s story
Find out how Malcolm and Sandra White took up bowls in later life and have improved their fitness and social life as a result!

Over 3000 sign ups so far!
Watch a short film of the fantastic Daily Mile events held at primary schools across the county to launch the campaign

Prizes for schools too
Read how one lucky local primary school won £1000 through the campaign.

What’s your reason to sign up?

“I want to take part in healthy activities but don't have the willpower and need a bit of a helping hand."

"I get lonely on my own but I think that getting out to take part in a social activity would improve my physical and mental health.”

"I'd like to improve my fitness before I get into bad habits.”

“I'd like to begin making regular exercise a way of life. I’m kept busy looking after grandchildren so it’s more important than ever to be more healthy.”

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You can also sign up to email updates on a variety of other topics on our website.

Inspire Others! Write for the College Blog

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Inspire Others! Write for New Leaf Wellbeing College's Blog

Are you a student of the college? The college is looking for students to write for the New Leaf College Blog. You can share your recovery story and inspire others, give helpful tips on how you look after your wellbeing and/or talk about your involvement with the college. If writing isn't your thing, share your story via video instead!

If you are interested in being involved in this fantastic opportunity get in touch via email!


New Leaf College Team

Tel 01442 864966  

Trefoil House | Red Lion Lane | Hemel Hempstead | HP3 9TE

Free Wellbeing Courses

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We thought you might be interested in these free wellbeing courses held over the next few months at our Centre: 

·    Learning for Wellbeing: Wednesday, 9 May 10.00-13.00

·    Understanding Depression: Tuesday, 10 July 13.30-16.30

·    Caring for Someone with a long term illness or disability: Wednesday, 11 & 18 July 14.00-17.00

·    Daring to Dream: Tuesday, 17 July 13.30-16.30

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To enrol call 01442 864966 or book online at

It’s Never too Late to be Active - FREE Activity Pass and PRIZES

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Why is physical activity important?

 Physical activity keeps our body strong, mind sharp and gives us more energy to keep doing the things we love. But many of us don’t meet the recommended 150 minutes a week.

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Claim your FREE activity pass

We want to help you become more active so we’re offering older residents a FREE local activity pass, plus the opportunity to win an iPad or Fitbit.

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Advice, support and information

We know it can be daunting to start something new, so our friendly HertsHelp advisers are on hand to help you find the right activity. Just call 0300 123 4044 or email to get personalised advice.

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It's easier than you think to fit it into your day

Any activity that lasts for 10 minutes or more counts towards your total.A short walk here, a spot of gardening there, a class or activity you enjoy, taking the stairs rather than the lift - it all adds up.

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Planning is key

Having a regular routine can help activity become part of your day-to-day life. Our free planner can help you build up your activity in a manageable way.

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There's something for everyone!

There are activities to suit everyone, no matter what your budget, level of fitness or interests. Find out what's available for you.

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Long term benefits

Regular activity could reduce your risk of dementia by 30%, heart disease by 35% and Type 2 diabetes by 40%. It can also help prevent and manage cancer and depression.

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Win prizes!

What’s more, by signing up, you could win an iPad, a Fitbit or £100 voucher and help your local school win £1000 cash! 

"It helps me keep up with the grandchildren." Anthony

"I feel happier and more positive about myself." Barbara

"It helps me stay in shape and keeps my mind sharp." James

"I'm looking after myself and making new friends too." Jas

"Just a 10 minute walk makes all the difference." Marilyn

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"Being active is helping me stay stronger for longer" Mario

"Trying new things is easier than I thought." Pauline

"I have never had so much confidence." Preeti

"Being part of a group helps me stay motivated." Simon

"I have so much more energy now." Stephanie

"My group is so warm and welcoming." Sue

"Getting started has really helped my health." Tom

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Lifegeta Emotional Support Group Wednesday 7th February 2018


Congratulations for getting through January one of the emotionally challenging months of the year

In February’s meeting we will be focussing on how to get motivated with a talk from New Leaf College who provide a range of courses and workshops to help you to take better control of your wellbeing, learn some practical skills to build on your strengths.


Wednesday 7th February 2018

Anxiety, Panic, Fear, Frustration!

How do you cope with the emotions that come with finding yourself in a body that doesn’t do what it used to because of a sudden disability or a life changing diagnosis?

Why not come-

Monthly Meeting

Lifegeta Emotional Support for

Acquired life changing conditions & Diagnosis

(Hitchin Based)

Lifegeta is a support network for all types’ people with life changing acquired conditions + friends, family & carers.

Addressing the emotional effects of finding yourself in a body that doesn’t do what it used to do because of a life changing condition or disability (like head injury or stroke) or diagnosis (like MS or Fibromyalgia).

Lifegeta isn't just about disability!... It's an empowering night in the company of inspiring people, who despite the odds are getting on with it! ... 

Times: 7pm till 9pm ~ Cost: £2 (to cover outgoings non-profit)

Held at The Canary Club (@ Hitchin Town Football Club opposite the Swimming Pool)

Fishponds Rd, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 1NU

The 1st Wednesday in every month

For more details Contact: Sue Ross -  Tel 07715 707488

2018 Dates

Wed. 3rd January - Intention Setting – SMART Goals part 1  

Wed 7th February - Intention Setting Part 2  

Wed 7th March - Emotion focused Coping - way of thinking           

Wed 4th April - Exploring the emotional effects of a Fibromyalgia diagnosis TBC

Wed 2nd May - Fatigue & The Spoon Theory TBC

Wed 6th June - Brain Fog           

Wed 4th July - Assuming – Not every disability is visible             

Wed 1st August - Listening Skills  

Wed 5th September TBC      

Wed 3rd October TBC      

Wed 7th November TBC      

Wed 5th December TBC      



Set your wellbeing learning goals with us in 2018!

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Did you know people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them? This January we offer Setting Your Learning Goals workshops throughout Hertfordshire. Head on over to to book your free place;

New Leaf Workshops 2018.jpg

New Leaf College Team

Tel 01442 864966

Trefoil House | Red Lion Lane | Hemel Hempstead | HP3 9TE

Stay Well This Winter

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This year we expect a much worse flu season than last year, so people are being urged to get their flu jab. Staying free of flu is more important than ever.

The vaccine is available every year on the NHS to help protect adults and children at risk of flu and its complications. Some groups are entitled to a free flu vaccine.

Flu vaccination is particularly important for those who are at increased risk from the effects of flu, including:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children aged 2 or 3
  • People aged 65 or over
  • People with long-term health conditions
  • Carers

Click here for more information

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Community Gardener Connects Project


Project Description: Community Garden St Albans project is an exciting development aiming to help local communities improve their health and wellbeing, promote community cohesion and inclusivity. Community Garden St Albans is led by CDA Herts, based on land in St Albans kindly provided by Oaklands College.

Please visit the link below to vote for us:

Find out more about CDA (Community Development Action Herts) here

New Leaf College Autumn Term 2017 Timetable

New Leaf Logo.jpg

New Leaf College provides a range of free of charge courses and workshops to enable you to take better control of your wellbeing, learn some practical skills and  provides an opportunity for reflection on your own situation and how you can build on your strengths to achieve better wellbeing. Our courses are available to anyone aged over 18 living in Hertfordshire. Courses are offered from various campuses across the county.

Click here to view the Autumn term timetable

Enrol online, by email or by phone:



Phone: 01442 864966

#HertsOneYou week

It’s #HertsOneYou week and inspirational residents from across Hertfordshire are sharing stories of their own personal fight back to a healthier lifestyle. 

By the time we reach our 40s and 50s many of us will have dramatically increased our chances of becoming ill later in life. Whether we are eating the wrong things, drinking more than we should, continuing to smoke despite everything we know, or just not being active enough, all of these small things can add up to an unhealthy you.

Caroline Penn was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a year ago. Read how she overcame her anxieties about taking up new activities and is now beating the condition with exercise.

Read more stories here 


Find out how you can improve your health and happiness by visiting or completing a short health quiz.

Local NHS Spending 'Lets Talk' Online consultation

We are planning to launch a public engagement exercise to seek the views of local people on future spending plans. 

Our board have now agreed a set of proposals upon which to consult local people and we now have a firm date for the start of our consultation: Monday 3 July. We are running this programme alongside East and North Hertfordshire CCG (ENHCCG). It is called ’NHS let’s talk’.

As a reminder: in recent months we have been exploring options for reducing our spending in response to growing financial pressures. There is a gap between the money coming in to pay for health and social care and what we need to spend in order to meet the needs of a growing, ageing population with more complex needs. This means that Herts Valleys CCG must make savings of around £45m in the coming year.

Across the wider area covered by the STP (sustainability and transformation partnership) the financial shortfall, if we don’t take any action, is estimated at £550m over the coming four years.

To tackle these challenges, we have been developing proposals to reduce spending overall.  Wherever we can, we are trying to make changes in ways which won’t affect services. For example, we are:  cutting administration costs; closely analysing all our lines of expenditure comparing our costs to those that other CCGs incur for similar things; and working with organisations that directly provide services to deliver best value for money.

These measures won’t cover the whole deficit and so we need to look at what we spend on some services. Our focus will be on protecting funding for those services which have the biggest impact on the health of our population.

Our proposals have been informed by a survey, carried out earlier this year, to ask residents what they thought our spending priorities should be.  This showed that people think it’s important to prioritise treatments that deliver lasting health benefits and improve patients’ quality of life and to make the best use of local NHS resources.

In line with this feedback and following detailed discussions with our lead GPs, we are considering changing access to some services, reviewing criteria for some treatments and doing what we can to help people to lead healthier lifestyles and take better care of themselves and families so that they rely less on the NHS. Doctors, who make up the majority of people on the CCG board, have been heavily involved in developing the proposals. This will help to ensure that good clinical practice is paramount in our considerations.

Our consultation – being undertaken in partnership with ENHCCG - is about:

·         Tightening up existing rules so that people who smoke or whose weight is classified as ‘obese’ are required to make bigger improvements to their health before non-urgent surgery – unless a longer wait for surgery would be harmful

·         Stopping the availability of NHS- funded IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and specialist fertility services, unless in exceptional circumstances

·         Limiting the routine prescription of food supplements, as well as medicines and products that can be bought without prescription for short-term conditions and minor ailments

·         Restricting the prescribing of gluten-free foods

·         Stoppingroutinefunding of female sterilisation procedures

·         Stopping routine funding of vasectomies (this proposal would only affect patients registered with a GP in the Herts Valleys CCG area)

We will be working with Healthwatch, patient groups, local community organisations and special interest groups to encourage as many people as possible to contribute their views.  We are holding public events and drop-in sessions, attending community meetings and running an extensive social media campaign. The easiest way to find out more and give us your views is by completing the online questionnaires at

The feedback we get will help inform our decision-making about these proposals.

We look forward to your joining us in this important local debate.

With kind regards,

Dr Nicolas Small, Chair of Herts Valleys CCG

Kathryn Magson, Chief Executive Officer, Herts Valleys CCG

Between the Ears Deaf Awareness Communication Tactics

What is Between the Ears Project?

Between the Ears Project aims to provide opportunities for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or experiencing hearing loss to meet and enjoy creative activities in a stress-free environment while also building confidence to pursue personal goals and be sign-posted for ongoing support for their condition. Come and meet new people in a friendly environment!

Upcoming groups:

-Deaf Awareness Communication Tactics (For the professionals) Dates: 6th or 23rd May 17 Time: 4pm - 6.30pm Venue: Ludwick Family Centre, Hall Grove, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL7 4PH Email:

-Managing Your Hearing Loss Dates: Saturday, 6th May 2017 Time: 10.30am-1pm (including light lunch) Venue: Wellfield Road, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 0DA Email: or enquiry,

-Finale Dates: Wednesday, 24th May 17 Time: 6pm-8.30pm Venue: United Reform Church, Church Road, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 6PS Email:

All groups are free, however booking is essential

General enquiries about the project, please contact us on email:

Please click here to view the timetable for future (and past) events.