Universal Credit

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Universal credit is a new means-tested benefit administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). It is gradually replacing the majority of means-tested benefits and tax credits (known as legacy benefits) currently paid to people under pension age (pension age was equalised at 65 for both men and women in 2018 and is rising to 66 by 2020).

An area where UC has been fully introduced is known as a full service area. The national rollout of ‘full service’ is now complete except for:

  • families with more than two children who will be redirected to the benefits that universal credit is replacing until 1 February 2019; and

  • from 16 January 2019, claimants who receive the severe disability premium in their legacy benefits are unable to claim UC

All areas of Hertfordshire are now ‘full service’ . View the links below for further details and to see how this affects you:

Universal Credit Factsheet

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