Gendered Intelligence Lite Bite Training

Opportunity to Access Gendered Intelligence Lite Bite Training in Stevenage, Hertfordshire – 5th April 2019

 Amanda de Courcy, Andrew Dix and I would like to offer you the opportunity to attend the above lite bites in order to raise awareness of the trans community within your organisations and services.  We are subsidising the events in order to make it cost effective for all through our charitable organisation.  The cost per person is £21.55, which is our cost of £20.00 and £1.55 which goes to Eventbrite. 

 There are two slots available on the 5th April –

9.30 am start

1.00 pm start

 They last 2.5 hours in length and the link is public so can be shared with other colleagues. 

 We hope to see you there!  Please follow the link to book your place on:


If you want to know more about the Synestra Community Interest Company, please follow the link to


Thank you. 

Invitation to a Trans Awareness Black Tie Event

Black Tie Event Image.png

Thursday 27th September

7:00pm -12:00am

Champagne reception, 3 course meal, wine included £75.00pp

Hitchin Priory

Charity Auction

Live Entertainment

Guest Speakers

Book your seat now -

The inaugural Black Tie Dinner for Synestra’s Community Interest Company is to be held on 27th September.
Hosted by Amanda De Courcy - founder of Synestra’s CIC – Herts County Council, the NHS, and various charities who support the transgender community, this unique dinner aims to raise much needed funds to support members of the transgender community. There will also be the opportunity to showcase the amazing work of Gender Intelligence, Stonewall, and Mermaids. These are three prominent charities that are there for both adults and children. Their tireless efforts are helping to reduce the staggeringly upsetting numbers you see when reading about suicide within this community. Currently, that suicide rate stands at 41%, with over 60% of trans people having attempted suicide at some point. Though awareness of trans issues is growing across the county, few of us can truly appreciate the gravity of the everyday difficulties trans people face in our society.
Amanda’s daughter Synestra died in 2015 aged just 23. Transition Denied, a new book released in May manages to be at once unique - telling the story of Synestra, a trans girl who lived an exciting, individual life and sadly paid the ultimate price – and yet sadly familiar, as it tells how Syn encountered the same ugly obstacles familiar to every trans person in the UK. Copies of Transition Denied will be on sale on the evening, signed by both the author, Jane Fae, and Amanda.
Hertfordshire is a trailblazer in terms of enhancing services for the trans community, and we want to spread the word; help and support is out there, but it’s not always easy to find. And of course, like everything, it costs money. But what price do you put on saving a life? On 27th September please come and meet some of the wonderful people who do exactly that 

Synestra De Courcy Article

Synestra de Courcy: What we can learn from the tragic death of a young trans woman

I think Synestra had serious issues around self-esteem which ended up not being sorted, and I do think that getting her into the gender clinic earlier might have done something for her.

I say that because what people don’t understand is that putting trans people through that process can make them feel so different. I work with [LGBT+ charity] Mermaids, and I see parents of trans teenagers saying that they have children on the brink of suicide, who are regularly exhibiting antisocial behaviour.

Once they start getting help, they have a saint.

“I’m not saying that’s what would have happened with Synestra, but what I have seen is that the mere act of getting somebody into that transition period can turn their lives around.”

Unfortunately, these conversations are all too often overshadowed by the mainstream media’s obsession with debating trans identities. A person’s right to exist freely without discrimination is not a debate.

Last month, Channel 4’s Genderquake season rehashed these arguments on a nationwide level, screening a televised debate which featured audience members repeatedly screaming slurs at panellists Munroe Bergdorf and Caitlyn Jenner. Green Party MP Olivia Palmer was later suspended, after being named as one of the aforementioned hecklers.

The contents of the conversations themselves were more often based on fear and speculation than fact or logic, proving once and for all that the insidious rhetoric surrounding proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act is nothing more than thinly-veiled transphobia.

“First and foremost, it’s annoying,” states Fae.

We see headlines made out of the fact that a minuscule amount of women – 300, but we think it’s closer to 100 – walked out of the Labour party. That’s 0.01% of Labour’s women.

What I’d like to talk about are the issues in the book. Why won’t GPs treat trans people?

“Why do trans people go to the hospital with a broken arm and get told they can’t be treated because they’re on hormones?”

I have a local case of a trans woman being harassed. People are threatening to kick the shit out of her, and they’re also throwing eggs at the house she lives in. She’s now likely to be evicted because, in a landlord’s eyes, that makes her a bad tenant.

So you have an instance where someone is abused and then being doubly abused because they’re a victim. That’s why I’m tired of the gender ‘debate’ – it takes focus away from these very real issues.

As the conversation around trans rights threatens to be overshadowed once again by fear-mongering, it’s worth remembering the stories of young victims like Synestra.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sex work – highly successful trans women like Janet Mock and Paris Lees have spoken about funding their transition using this method in the past – it shouldn’t feel like the only option, nor would it be if these discussions were commonplace. Synestra’s mother has since set up a charity in her name to honour her legacy, but also to ensure that the healthcare system doesn’t fail any other young trans women in the same way it did her beloved daughter.

More: We asked 14 trans activists how cis people can be better allies in 2018

NHS England Gender Services Consultation

Gender services consultation launched

NHS England has launched a consultation on gender identity services. The consultation is seeking discussion and feedback around two proposed service specifications for adult gender identity services (people 17 and above). The service specifications are based on engagement with the trans community and clinical experts and describe new proposals for patients who are looking for support and/or treatment. As well as giving feedback through an online survey, there are a number of opportunities for people to get involved in the discussions throughout the 90 day consultation.

Staying informed about the consultation

If you would like to stay informed about NHS England’s work on gender identity service, you can register as a stakeholder of the Gender Identity Clinical Reference Group.

LGBTQ* Clinic

Watford Clinic, 1st Floor Annexe, Watford Town Hall, WD17 3EX
Alternate Thursdays 5.00pm – 7.00pm :: Next Clinic: 6th April 2017
Walk-In Slots and Appointments Available

Sexual Health Hertfordshire is pleased to introduce our new LGBTQ* clinic. The service will run from our Watford clinic and offers sexual health services to:

  • Women who have sex with Women
  • Men who have sex with Men
  • Gender Queer and Questioning
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender

The LGBTQ* Clinic offers non-judgemental holistic sexual health care across a full range ofsexual health services designed to meet the specific needs of the LGBTQ* community. Our clinic will provide:

  • STI Screening & Treatment
  • Rapid HIV Testing
  • Contraception
  • Party Drug/Chem Sex/Alcohol Advice
  • Referrals to Psychosexual Counselling
  • PEP/PrEP Advice and Monitoring
  • Hepatitis B Vaccinations
  • Hep C & Liver Function Tests
  • Free Condoms & Lube and Dental Dams

For appointments, call SPoA on:
0300 008 5522
9.00am – 8.00pm Monday to Friday | 9.00am – 1.00pm Saturday

Check Website for more information:

View the flyer here

Hatecrime Awareness Week


GIRES - Hate Crime Week

The LGBT Hatecrime Partnership, of which GIRES is a member are launching a campaign today, 9th October 2015 from noon to coincide with next week’s Hatecrime awareness week, and we need you to be part of it... involving ‘selfies’ with a speech bubble banner to push out through social media...

For further information including templates, suggestions and hashtags needed for this campaign please visit the GIRES website at:

GIRES Gender Variance e-learning course



The Gender Variance e-learning course, developed and funded by the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES), is available to use on the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) website.

This resource is designed to help GPs respond to the needs of adults and young people experiencing gender dysphoria.  The numbers of trans people presenting for medical help are rising rapidly with waiting lists for access to specialist providers growing longer.  The mental health of those unable to access treatment is likely to deteriorate gravely. GPs have a crucial role in providing appropriate medical care, leading to very positive outcomes.

The course will also enable all trans people, including those who are non-binary or non-gender, to engage positively with their GPs when seeking medical help.
GIRES is immensely grateful to the RCGP and the many individual contributors to this project.

The resource can be accessed here:

This quick link should take the learner to the summary page of the course and if they select ‘Start Gender Variance’ the page will route them through to a login page – if the learner is not registered with the eLearning Platform they are given the option to register for free after which they will be able to access the course (free of charge).  Although the registration form asks for GMC or NMC number this is not a required field and can be left blank allowing any one to access the course.


NHS England Online Blog Published


Dear Colleagues



NHS England has today published the first in what it is hoped will be a long line of online blogs aimed at providing you with regular updates about what NHS England is doing to improve gender identity services.

The blog ( has been written by Will Huxter, the Chair of NHS England’s Gender Identity Services Task & Finish Group, and will, in future, provide insight into the work of this group, as well as news about forthcoming publications and events.

We hope that the blog will go some way to addressing concerns that people have raised with us regarding communication in this important service area. We hope to develop further initiatives – in partnership with our stakeholders – in the coming months.

Best Wishes

Public participation Team

Healthwatch letter to Director of Specialised Commissioning.

Heathwatch have written to the Director of Specialised Commissioning in response to the information returned providing further details about the work NHS England is doing on Gender Identity (GI) services.

The Appendix to the letter follows...

Hertfordshire Transgender Health Needs Assessment

A new piece of research by Viewpoint on the health needs of the transgender community has been launched in Hertfordshire

Members of the Steering Group

Viewpoint has produced a unique piece of research into the health needs of the transgender community in Hertfordshire which has uncovered a large amount of unmet need and suffering. We commissioned Sonny van Eden, a trans man, to lead the research in order to give transgender people a voice to say what sort of help they need and provide information about support and resources.

We have been funded by Herts County Council, the local NHS and Hertfordshire Health Watch and supported by Public Health. Until recently, no services existed for the transgender community in Hertfordshire and this is the first piece of research in the country looking specifically at their health needs.

As a result of the report, Hertfordshire’s Drug & Alcohol Thriving Families Service has recruited six support workers who are Transgender Champions. One of them is based at HM The Mount Prison.

The Transgender Health Needs Assessment Report lists 22 recommendations which have been endorsed by the Diversity Board. The Report has been presented to the Public Health Board.

The Report was launched on 15th October in Watford and over 50 people attended. A Steering Group is developing an action plan to implement the recommendations. If you are interested in getting involved and finding out more, please email or call 01707 328014. To download the report, click on this link.