Spot the Signs Newsletter February 2019

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Newsletter - February 2019

Welcome to the February edition of the Spot the Signs and Save a Life suicide prevention campaign news bulletin.

We are pleased to announce that we will be launching the suicide prevention app 'Stay Alive' in the county. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of suicide prevention and to encourage help seeking behaviours.

Our senior project coordinator attended the National Suicide Prevention Alliance Conference at the start of this month. It was a great opportunity for professionals to come together to share valuable learning's and celebrate successful projects that have taken place to reduce suicide rates in the UK. We will be using key things from the conference to inform our strategy.

We released our first 5 training sessions of the year which are already fully booked. 3 more sessions have been released below with more to come which we will announced on here first.

Jackie Doyle Price (suicide prevention minister) has been working with Social Media outlets to look at what can be done to ensure the safety of those online. We are pleased to see that this issue is being taken seriously and we look forward to seeing the progress that will be made.

There is also the latest headlines and mental health training opportunities.

Spot the Signs Suicide Prevention Training Dates 2019


Fully funded one-day training dates for voluntary and public sector employees working with adults in Hertfordshire.

The training will:
· Increase awareness and knowledge
· Make you feel more confident in spotting the signs of someone feeling suicidal
· Introduce practical steps about what actions you may take if you notice someone is distressed

 To book your place visit Eventbrite

The training is very popular so there is a cancellation fee for no-shows of £25

For any questions email:

Training dates for professionals working with young people as well as additional adult training dates will be announced via the newsletter as they are released.

Stay Alive Suicide Prevention App

Spot the Signs are working with Grass Roots and the Eastern Academic Health Alliance to launch the 'Stay Alive' suicide prevention app in Hertfordshire. The app provides self-help resources, national and local crisis numbers as well as safety plans that people can put in to keep themselves safe.

This will be launched in the next coming months so watch this space... launch event invite to follow.

If your organisation would like to get involved with the promotion of the app please email

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Spot the Signs Suicide Prevention Training Dates 2019

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'Spot the signs' Suicide prevention training dates 2019

'Spot the signs' is a suicide prevention campaign, helping to remove the stigma of talking openly about suicide, providing training courses and signposting those in need to mental health services available in Hertfordshire..

This is a fully-funded one-day training course for voluntary and public sector employees working with adults in Hertfordshire.

This training will: 

  • Increase awareness and knowledge

  • Make you feel more confident in spotting the signs of someone feeling suicidal

  • Introduce practical steps about what actions you may take if you notice that someone is distressed

Please see available dates and locations below.
All sessions run from 10:00 - 16:00 

Friday 15th February - Hatfield

Thursday 28th February - Hemel Hempstead

Thursday 14th March - St. Albans

Friday 29th March - Watford

Click here to book your place

Please note: This training is very popular, therefore there will be a cancellation fee of £25 for those who do not attend once booking a place.

For any questions please email:

Suicide Prevention Survey

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What’s the survey for?

Public Health and the Local Suicide Prevention Network with Spot the Signs are conducting research to find out how aware people are of suicide in Hertfordshire and what we’re doing about it.

We would find your feedback really helpful to help to inform the suicide prevention strategy. This will help us make improvements to the existing strategy and prioritize ideas. The survey should only take 5 minutes, and your responses will be completely anonymous unless you wish to disclose your email address.

Suicide Prevention: Boys & Men T&F Group Surveys

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The boys and men suicide prevention action group have composed two short anonymous questionnaires to help us gain some further insight to drive our work forward:

  1. Crisis behaviour survey –
    The aim of this survey is to help us to gain further insight into the behaviour of Hertfordshire boys (aged 11 and over) and men when they are struggling or in crisis.  We’d be grateful if partners could share this survey widely. 
  1. Website feedback survey –
    This survey (available to be completed online or via the attached paper version) is open to any Hertfordshire based boys (aged 11 +) or men.  It asks them to look at one of our 3 key local websites to provide us with anonymous feedback.  Anyone could complete this survey, so feel free to ask family members, work colleagues, etc.

NB. Links to further support are provided at the end of both surveys.

View the paper survey here

Completed paper surveys can be sent to:

Jennifer Beer, Farnham House (postal point SFAR232) Six Hills Way, Stevenage,  SG1 2FQ