RNIB Make a Noise in Libraries Week 4 – 17 June #MANIL2018

Hertfordshire Libraries will be taking part in RNIB’s “Make a Noise in Libraries Fortnight” which takes place from Monday 4 to Sunday 17 June.  

Hertfordshire Libraries have signed up to The Six Steps Promise, which is a charter which over 200 Library services have adopted to ensure that facilities for people with visual impairments are consistent and meet their needs.   
During the fortnight regular Baby Rhyme Time and Toddler Tales will include a tactile book which may include Braille-style numbering, play elements, high contrast images and rhythmic rhyming text making them particularly suitable for young children with visual impairments. They may also include a Giant Print, Braille picture book. 

Hemel Hempstead Library is hosting a coffee morning on Monday 4th June, starting at 10am. This is a drop in event and is free. It will give library staff the chance to speak to customers and local organisations about what the library provides and how it can be utilised. 

Your local Library offers a range of services that our users with visual impairments can enjoy: 
All Hertfordshire libraries have a wide range of books in Large Print and a good supply of Talking Books on CD.  Larger libraries have small collections of MP3 CDs which enable the complete book to be on one disc.  You are able to reserve these if your local library does not stock them.  Books are circulated around our libraries so you should always find new titles in stock in your local library. The collection includes books in all genre including Romance, Family Saga, Crime and Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Westerns, Biographies and Non-fiction titles.  Library users with a visual impairment are able to borrow talking books free of charge and also to request titles in from another library free of charge.  Staff are always available to help select titles and to suggest new authors you may enjoy. 
For children and teenagers with a visual impairment libraries offer a selection of books in large print.  There are also picture books for young children featuring Giant Print and Braille available in Larger Libraries.  The braille as well as being helpful to a child learning braille also enables an adult braille reader to share and enjoy a book with a young child.  We have tactile board books which contain a range of tactile features such as braille style numbering, play elements, high contrast images and rhythmic rhyming text. 
Hertfordshire Libraries are delighted to be able to offer a wonderful range of eBooks and eAudiobooks via BorrowBox. There are titles for adults, children and teenagers.  We currently have almost 11000 eBooks and over 4000 eAudioBooks.    BorrowBox is an exciting collection of eBooks and eAudioBooks available around the clock.  It’s simpler than ever before to access your favourite titles wherever you go with the BorrowBox library app.  On your phone, on your iPad, on your home computer, BorrowBox means the doors to your local library never close.
Elegant, intuitive and simple to operate and enjoy, the BorrowBox app incorporates a dedicated eBook reader and eAudiobook player and is available from the App Store and Google Play.  Install it on all your mobile devices for free – get the app now and get ready to borrow and download. Font size can be increased on eBooks to suit your reading needs.
If you are an Apple user there is a Dyslexic font available.  We are hoping that this will be available for other devices shortly.  You can also choose your background colour from paper, white, sepia and night.  If you find the speech on the eAudiobooks a little slow you can speed up the sound to suit you.  BorrowBox works well with Apple VoiceOver, not only reading the screen but also reading eBooks for you.

Find out more by visiting https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/Libraries   

Library members can also access on line magazines and newspapers, the print size in these can be enlarged.    
Computers are available in our libraries which can be used with sound, using headphones.  We also have large print keypads available.  Wi-Fi is available free of charge in all libraries enabling you to bring your own device.  Printing is available for a charge. 
To find out more about your local library and the services Hertfordshire Libraries offer visit your local library, telephone 0300 123 4049 or visit our website https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/services/libraries-and-archives/libraries-and-archives.aspx 

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