Stay Safe in Hot Weather

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Stay safe in hot weather

We're advising residents to take a few precautions to keep themselves healthy and safe in the hot weather.

A few top tops:

• Stay out of direct sun between 11am and 3pm.

• Wear loose-fitting clothes and a hat; apply sunscreen and walk in the shade.

• Have plenty of cold drinks and keep cool with cold showers or baths if necessary, cold foods and by avoiding extreme activity.

• Keep homes cool as best you can, perhaps by keeping the curtains drawn on very hot days, and well ventilated.

• Remember some medicines need to be kept cool - check the instructions on the packet.

• Babies, children and older people (and pets) should not be left in stationary cars.

Tim Hutchings, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Prevention, said: "While many people enjoy hot weather, high temperatures can be dangerous, especially for people who may be particularly vulnerable such as older people, young children and those with serious illnesses.

“Everyone can enjoy the sun safely by keeping out of the heat at the hottest time of the day, avoiding sunburn and staying hydrated with plenty of cool drinks.

"Older people and those with long-term illnesses are particularly vulnerable to the effects of very hot weather, so it’s important to look out for them and keep indoor areas as cool as possible.”

If you feel unusually unwell consult your doctor if symptoms (such as headache, intense thirst, dizziness or muscular spasms) persist.

Further information and advice can be obtained from a free telephone call to NHS 111 or online from NHS at

Spectrum (CGL) Now on Care Opinion

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Tell us and others about your experience of our services on!

Care Opinion is a place where you can share your experience of health or care services, and help make them better for everyone.

They will read your story and show it on their website. It’s totally anonymous and no confidential information will be shared.

Your story might be about you, or someone close to you. You can say what happened, what was good, and what could have been better.

Care Opinion tells us when you post a story so a staff member at Spectrum CGL can let you know what changes we will make in response to your feedback.

Click here to view the poster

HealthWatch Headlines - 5th April 2019

Health Watch Herts.png

Hello there,

 I know there’s been a bit of a break, but here are your headlines. We’ll also be sending out another headlines update next Friday, so look out for that one!

 Just a reminder about the purpose of these emails. This is to outline the broad facts and themes around certain issues, and to provide the organisation’s position on those issues. As ever, if you want any more information about these areas please get in touch and, just as importantly, if we’re not covering concerns or issues you’re hearing about, please let me know.

MSK Services
Co-Production Board
Long Term Plan: #WhatWouldYouDo

Musculoskeletal Services


  • Following on from our last update, Priya will now be meeting with the provider Connect on 15th April.

KEY POINTS: This meeting with Connect is another opportunity for us to ensure the patient voice is heard in the delivery of new services. It also highlights how vital proper engagement and communication with services users is to avoid misunderstanding of the way services are being delivered.



  • At the end of January HCC held a engagement workshop looking at how co-production is carried out across the county council

    • We were involved in the facilitation of the day

    • The workshop was attended by service users, VCS, and professionals

  • On 28th March a general summary of the event was discussed with the most pertinent point being the complexity of the current process for service users and carers to engage with councillors, commissioners, and service providers

    • This has led to the recommendation of a restructuring of groups and boards with a reduction of meetings in some areas felt to be over provisioned (EG: Learning Disabilities) and the creation of new meeting in others (EG: Older People)

Further Information

  • The co-production board will be putting out a draft proposal based on these recommendations shortly

  • This is being seen as an opportunity to integrate our service watch groups into a more formalised structure within HCC

    • Were this to happen, these groups would still be independent, with us playing a facilitative role

Key Messages: This is an opportunity to ensure that the people who use these services have a real chance to have a say in their own support, commissioning, and delivery. We will continue to support the ideal of co-production, whilst ensuring that any decisions made are representative of the views of the people of Hertfordshire.


West Herts Hospital Trust: Options Evaluation for Redevelopment


  • Following on from previous updates, Meg has been a member of the Options Panel to explore the different possibilities for the future of acute care in the west of the county

  • Meg and also attended an event with a broader range of attendees, including members of the general public and clinicians to further discuss the shortlisted options

    • Although it was good to have an opportunity to be involved, we have raised a concern that the event was dominated by clinicians and there was insufficient time to evaluate all the options

  • We have attached a copy of the full presentation to this email

  • It is important to note that NHS England has said that the whole budget for this work should it be awarded is £350mil

Further Information

  • There will now be another Options Panel held in May

KEY POINTS: The engagement process must take account of the views and needs of service users and communities across West Hertfordshire. Engagement events are an opportunity to explain plans to communities, but also to hear concerns and ideas.


Long Term Plan: #WhatWouldYouDo


Further Information

  • The results will be used by us locally to support work being done by the STP and other commissioners

  • They will also feed into a national project

KEY POINTS: This is a chance for the people of Hertfordshire to have their voice heard within a national piece of work. We need as many people as possible to fill in the surveys, especially if they are part of a hard to reach group or might face different issues accessing NHS services. EG: BME, Homeless, Frail etc.

Read about the future of hospital services in west Hertfordshire here


Closing Date is 18th November

National Patient Safety Alert Committee

We are recruiting


If you have a desire to ensure that health and care organisations take action in response to identified patient safety risks, we would like to hear from you!


Every year, over 100 messages, instructions, guidance, alerts and other communications are directed at healthcare providers through the Central Alerting System, requiring a variety of types of action, and issued by a number of different bodies and teams, in a range of formats. However, to date, the safety advice and guidance issued to the NHS does not have sufficient impact on the safety of patients, as not all organisations are reliably implementing the required actions.


Improving the response to patient safety alerts

The National Patient Safety Alert Committee (NaPSAC) has been newly set up with a remit to clearly identify which nationally-issued patient safety advice and guidance is safety-critical. To do this, it is putting in place common standards, so that all the organisations which issue patient safety alerts make it clear when action is needed in response to safety-critical communications.

NaPSAC is committed to involving patients, service users, carers and families and the general public in this work. We know that you will bring a wealth of insight, perspectives, expertise and experience that can help to challenge thinking, innovate and improve the way the committee carries out its work.


What does it involve?

As a patient and public voice (PPV) representative you would need to attend the regular NaPSAC meetings, held about every two months, and take an equal part in its deliberations and decision-making.  The committee is currently working to agree the criteria and approach to ‘credentialing’ the organisations which issue patient safety alerts.

Once these are in place, between meetings, all the committee members, including PPV representatives, will be involved in the assessment of applications from organisations looking to become ‘credentialed’. 

It is estimated that attending meetings and carrying out assessments would require up to two days’ involvement per month initially, reducing to up two days quarterly, once assessments of current issuing bodies were complete.  PPV representatives will receive travel expenses and a per-day allowance of £150 per day, or £75 per half day, for the time spent on NaPSAC activities in accordance with NHS Improvement’s agreed rating and terms for patient and public involvement at level four.


How to apply:

If you are interested in getting involved, please see the full role description here and application form here.

Applications should be sent to by deadline 18th November 2018.

We will be in touch to arrange a short telephone interview for short-listed potential PPV representatives to join NaPSAC as committee members.

The PPV partners recruited will be provided with a full briefing on the work of NaPSAC, the background to how patient safety alerts are drawn up and circulated, the criteria against which bodies wishing to be credentialed will need to meet and the assessment process for this.

NaPSAC is committed to providing the necessary access and support to enable PPV representatives to fully contribute to the work.


If you have difficulty accessing the forms or need to receive them in other formats, please contact or call on 07710 119361. If you would like to discuss the opportunities before expressing interest, email Cindy using the details above.  

Centre for Mental Health - Equally Well UK

2018-08-19 (2).png

Equally Well

A new collaborative to support the physical health of people with a mental illness

Equally Well in the UK

Centre for Mental Health, Kaleidoscope and Rethink Mental Illness are working together with support from the Royal College of GPs and the Royal College of Psychiatrists to create an Equally Well collaborative here in the UK.

We want to bring together health and care providers, commissioners, professional bodies, service user and carer organisations, charities and many more, working nationally or locally, to form a collaborative in the UK to bring about equal physical health for people with a mental illness.

We plan in our first year to:

  • Co-produce a Charter for Equal Health, setting out the shared principles, aims and objectives of Equally Well in the UK
  • Develop a web resource to provide up-to-date information, briefings and case studies
  • Bring together organisations that become part of Equally Well for a national event to share good practice and agree priorities for the future

Join us: pledge your organisation’s support and be part of this ground-breaking initiative. To find out more and pledge your support, email or

Service Update-Joint Herts Aid/THT


Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) has been awarded the Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) HIV support services contract in Hertfordshire following a successful bid supported by current provider Herts Aid.

As a result it has been decided that Herts Aid will merge with THT, with a transfer of assets and liabilities.  An HIV support service will be delivered by THT on behalf of HCC from 1 August 2018. HCC will no longer be commissioning HIV community testing services.

For over 25 years, Herts Aid has supported thousands of people living with or impacted by HIV in the county, and this legacy of excellence will be continued through this new service.

Herts Aid and Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) will work closely together to ensure a smooth transfer of service so that people living with or impacted by HIV can access support without any interruption.

As it currently stands there will be no provision for testing services in the new contact and therefore would like to inform you that we will not be able to carry out any testing at the YMCA going forward.

Free activities and prizes to be won – LAST CHANCE to register!

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Active T Shirt.jpg

Time is running out!
Visit or call HertsHelp on 0300 123 4044 before 15 July 2018 to sign up.

FREE activity pass
FREE activity pass (and free hot drink in some districts) for you and a friend to help you try new local activities.

FREE guided walks
FREE guided walks across Hertfordshire every week for all levels and abilities.

FREE activity planner!
FREE activity planner to help you develop a regular routine and build up activity gradually.

FREE personalised support
Friendly advisers on the other end of a phone to help you find the right activity. Just call 0300 123 4044 or email


Win an iPad or FitBit
Complete a simple follow up survey to enter into a prize draw for an iPad, FitBit or clothing vouchers.


Laurie’s story
Read 83 year old Laurie Kerr’s story to find out why his motto is: “Instead of waiting for the NHS to light the lamp at the end of the tunnel, go down there and light it yourself!”

Malcolm and Sandra’s story
Find out how Malcolm and Sandra White took up bowls in later life and have improved their fitness and social life as a result!

Over 3000 sign ups so far!
Watch a short film of the fantastic Daily Mile events held at primary schools across the county to launch the campaign

Prizes for schools too
Read how one lucky local primary school won £1000 through the campaign.

What’s your reason to sign up?

“I want to take part in healthy activities but don't have the willpower and need a bit of a helping hand."

"I get lonely on my own but I think that getting out to take part in a social activity would improve my physical and mental health.”

"I'd like to improve my fitness before I get into bad habits.”

“I'd like to begin making regular exercise a way of life. I’m kept busy looking after grandchildren so it’s more important than ever to be more healthy.”

Active Posters.jpg

You can also sign up to email updates on a variety of other topics on our website.

Walking Month - Hertfordshire Year of Physical Activity 2018

Walking in Herts.jpg

Step out for Walking Month

Walking Bus.jpg

Walk to School Week 21-25th May

This week sees the start of Hertfordshire's Walk to School campaign, to encourage children to walk to school from now until Clean Air Day on 21st June 2018.

Buster, Hertfordshire’s amazing Stepasauraus is walking across the Earth to encourage active travel and cleaner air. As well as getting more children to walk, scoot and cycle to school they will also have the educational opportunities to discover more about the planet and the benefits of active travel. For more information contact or call 01992 556803.

Maisies Walks.jpg

Walk after work: Summer evening Health Walks

During the summer we have a host of summer evening walks available across the county to help you make the most of the daylight hours and increase your steps if you work or have other commitments in the day. Register online or just turn up!

East Herts: Bengeo, Ware, Panshanger Park, and Hartham Common
Watford: Cassiobury Park
St Albans: Verulamium Park and Batchwood
North Herts: Oughtonhead Common and Ickleford
Dacorum: Tuesday evening walks, multiple locations

Walk Leader.jpg

Sign up as a Health Walk volunteer TODAY

Could you support your local walks as a leader, back marker or walk marshal? We have Health Walk volunteer training available on Saturday June 10th in Watford. If you would like to inspire others to walk more for their health and wellbeing and join our friendly walking groups email us at to book on. Please ensure you're also registered as a walker online at

You still have time to grab a Health Walks goody bag

Sign up as a new walker and walk in May and you can claim your Hertfordshire Health Walks goody bag. Inside you'll find a water bottle, step counter, activity tracker and more!

Plus if you're already participating in Health Walks, you can claim your bag too, by walking 6 times between May 1st and June 30th.

Tell your walk leader once you've completed the walks and we'll get your goody bag to you.*

*while stocks last

Mass Health Walk success!

On Monday 14th May to celebrate Walking Month and the Hertfordshire year of Physical Activity 2018 we held our annual Mass health Walk. We offered 37 walks and these were enjoyed by 815 walkers. This beat our existing record of 620. It was great to welcome so many new walkers to the initiative as part of this event, and we hope we can motivate you to continue to walk with us. Follow Health Walks on Facebook to view our photo album from the event. Heartfelt thank yous to our fantastic volunteers to made the event and all our walks possible.

Still time to enter the HertsYOPA18 Competition - share your favourite Hertfordshire walking route

For your chance to win £100 HF Holidays vouchers and a FitBit Flex 2 share your favourite Hertfordshire Walking route on the HertsYOPA18 facebook page, so you can inspire others to try your route too.

Post a selfie, an explanation of the route or a link to the route or map and at the end of May we'll pick a winner. Good Luck!

This Girl Can in Herts returns for 2018

To take inspiration from our female English athletes at the recent Commonwealth Games, the Herts Sports Partnership are once again promoting 'This Girl Can in Herts' week from Monday 18 to Sunday 24 June 2018. There will be a seven day campaign focusing on women and girls getting active through sport and physical activity, no matter their size, age or ability. The campaign will run with a focus on leadership, inactivity, the social side of sport and confidence, and we would be delighted if you could join our campaign. Could you encourage a friend to participate in their first Health Walk, try a new route or maybe you might look to get trained up as a Health Walk volunteer? The campaign will be very active on social media, and you can get involved by using #TGCinHerts on twitter. Visit the campaign website to find activities happening near you or contact Alex on

Walks & More

Health Walk 4.jpg

The variety of activities on our Walks & More calendar during Walking Month means there's something for everyone to enjoy. These FREE outdoor events are a great opportunity to enjoy exploring Hertfordshire's beautiful countryside, learn local history, or have a fun family day out. Below are some of our top picks.

Bat Walk at Oughtonhead Common

Saturday May 26, 8pm – 10pm
Meet at Cole Green Station car park off Station Road, Letty Green, SG14 2NL.
Take an early morning walk with the Countryside Management Service to explore the Cole Green Way and some of the surrounding footpaths, and discover the variety of birdlife that makes its home along the route. We will also talk about the new Greenspace Action Plan for the Cole Green Way. No need to book, just turn up.

Bird Walk on Croxley Common Moor

Sunday 27th May 27, 10am-11.30am

Meet at the entrance gate to Moor at bottom of Mill Lane, Croxley Green WD3 3EW.
Join the Friends of Croxley Common Moor on a leisurely stroll around the moor looking for, and especially listening to, the resident birds which will be singing on territory at this time of year. No need to book, just turn up!

Great War Walk in Abbots Langley

Bank Holiday Monday 28th May 2pm – 4pm

Meet at the Causeway Car Park, Abbots Langley, WD5 0AW. See where the soldiers from the village lived, learn about the village at the time of the First World War, hear the Soldiers’ stories and of their exploits. Walk in their foot-steps through the village. There will be a visit to the 1st Abbots Scout Troop Great War Exhibition. Supported by Abbots Langley Local History Society.

This e-Bulletin is produced by the Countryside Management Service, part of Hertfordshire County Council. If you know someone who might like to receive this e-Bulletin, please ask them to sign up via Update Me on the Hertfordshire County Council website.

It’s Never too Late to be Active - FREE Activity Pass and PRIZES

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Active Man.jpg

Why is physical activity important?

 Physical activity keeps our body strong, mind sharp and gives us more energy to keep doing the things we love. But many of us don’t meet the recommended 150 minutes a week.

Active Woman.jpg

Claim your FREE activity pass

We want to help you become more active so we’re offering older residents a FREE local activity pass, plus the opportunity to win an iPad or Fitbit.

Active Man in TShirt.jpg

Advice, support and information

We know it can be daunting to start something new, so our friendly HertsHelp advisers are on hand to help you find the right activity. Just call 0300 123 4044 or email to get personalised advice.

Active Women.jpg

It's easier than you think to fit it into your day

Any activity that lasts for 10 minutes or more counts towards your total.A short walk here, a spot of gardening there, a class or activity you enjoy, taking the stairs rather than the lift - it all adds up.

Active Elderly Man.jpg

Planning is key

Having a regular routine can help activity become part of your day-to-day life. Our free planner can help you build up your activity in a manageable way.

Active Gym.jpg

There's something for everyone!

There are activities to suit everyone, no matter what your budget, level of fitness or interests. Find out what's available for you.

Man with Towel.jpg

Long term benefits

Regular activity could reduce your risk of dementia by 30%, heart disease by 35% and Type 2 diabetes by 40%. It can also help prevent and manage cancer and depression.

Woman Runner.jpg

Win prizes!

What’s more, by signing up, you could win an iPad, a Fitbit or £100 voucher and help your local school win £1000 cash! 

"It helps me keep up with the grandchildren." Anthony

"I feel happier and more positive about myself." Barbara

"It helps me stay in shape and keeps my mind sharp." James

"I'm looking after myself and making new friends too." Jas

"Just a 10 minute walk makes all the difference." Marilyn

Woman in Glasses.jpg

"Being active is helping me stay stronger for longer" Mario

"Trying new things is easier than I thought." Pauline

"I have never had so much confidence." Preeti

"Being part of a group helps me stay motivated." Simon

"I have so much more energy now." Stephanie

"My group is so warm and welcoming." Sue

"Getting started has really helped my health." Tom

Active Man Smiling.jpg

Herts Help Hospital and Community Navigation Service – April Briefing

If you have a problem and no one else can help…..

Luckily Hertfordshire’s equivalent to the ‘A Team’- the Herts Help Hospital and Community Navigators, are a bit easier to find !

People often tell us that it is difficult to navigate their way through so many different services, having to tell their story on several occasions and trying to work out where to go and who to see to find the help they need. The difficulties people experience can sometimes lead to deterioration in their health and a breakdown in their care. It can also cause frustration and delays too. Often people only find out about services that are available just around the corner years after they might have benefitted from them.

In Hertfordshire we’ve agreed to pool one of the largest amounts of money in the country to deliver joined up health and social care to residents. Initiatives like the Herts Help Hospital and Community Navigation service give us an even greater opportunity to work together. As well as making things easier for our patients, joining up services reduces duplication, helps professionals understand each other’s’ services better and makes much more efficient use of human and financial resources.

We are very pleased to announce the expansion of our existing Hospital Discharge and Community Navigator service across Hertfordshire. This new, countywide service has been formed from the integration of the West Herts Community Navigator Scheme, Age UK Home and Hospital support service, British Red Cross Hospital Discharge Service, Herts Help @ Home and Herts Help IDT services.

The countywide service forms two parts; both of which will help to improve people’s wellbeing, reduce social isolation, reduce home care use, ensure faster hospital discharge, whilst ensuring more appropriate use of primary care, through connecting people up with services and organisations available in their community.

There is at least one Navigator in each district , all are skilled at finding solutions to a broad range of issues, e.g. loneliness and social isolation, wellbeing, behavioural risk factors, financial issues, carers support etc.

Suzi Devanney, is a Community Navigator in Dacorum

I became a Community Navigator because I’m interested in helping people find services to help their health and wellbeing. I was also looking for a new and challenging role that gives me the opportunity to work with people directly”.

“I had a lady who was referred to me as she had the gas supply to her property condemned. She had no hot water, heating or cooking facilities at home. She did not meeting the criteria for any help with getting a new boiler through the Energy Company obligation and was struggling to cope. With support from the Citizens Advice Bureau, Herts Help and funding through the Elizabeth Finn Trust she received the help and support which she needed, and is having a new boiler installed this month. This will mean that she can be warm, able to cook and manage at home again”.

“I get immense satisfaction from helping someone to live more independently. This is done in partnership with Herts Help and great community and voluntary sector resources in Dacorum. There are some fantastic projects doing great work for the health and benefit of the community.”

“I enjoy the variation of the role; one minute I am meeting a new person who is grateful for the contact and any help that I can provide. The next minute I am helping them find transport solutions to make sure they can get to a hospital appointment or finding a social group which they can go along to meet new people and to get them out of the house”.

“Some people have been overwhelmed with all the different organisations and it’s hard for them to know who to contact and what to do. When I am able to find a solution for a given problem and the individual is happy with the resolution then I’m chuffed to bits.”

Community Navigators compliment Herts Help, Hertfordshire County Council’s telephone advice service, by taking referrals of people who would benefit from the services that Herts Help can provide, but who are unable or unlikely to access it directly.

Herts Help is a countywide single point of access to information, advice and support available through the many voluntary organisations in Hertfordshire.  The service triages clients so that they can find out about services they would never have thought to ask about. 

The service also allows busy professionals to signpost refer without having to know the detail of what may be available.

The Community Navigator Scheme is designed to help with ensuring that the community and voluntary sector are fully integrated into the developing local blueprint for services.

If someone is in need of additional support to stay healthy and independent, or needs help accessing support, they can call Herts Help on 0300 123 4044 or email


People can be referred via the following methods: 

Referrals to the service can be made now. Community referrals will be triaged by Herts Help, while Hospital based referrals will be picked up directly by the teams in each of the acute hospitals, namely Watford, Lister and the Princess Alexandra.

For Community based referrals: Call Herts Help on 0300 123 4044 or email

 For Hospital Based Referrals in East & North Hertfordshire: Call - 01438 285300 or 01992 585955 or email

 For Hospital Based Referrals in Herts Valleys: Call 01923 436649 or 01992 585972 or Email

March Walking in Hertfordshire e-Bulletin

Walking in Herts.jpg

Welcome to the March Walking in Hertfordshire e-Bulletin

Get out and enjoy whatever the weather has in store from snow to spring sunshine ...

Healthy Body and MIND

Walking people.jpg

Hertfordshire Health Walks have teamed up with the mental health charity MIND to provide weekly walks in Welwyn Garden City, Hertford and Royston. These walks are open to all and are particularly welcoming to those with mental health problems – offering them a chance to get active with friendly and supportive staff and volunteers.

We all know that being physically active is good for our bodies but it can be very beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing too. It can reduce feelings of stress, promote clearer thinking, reduce anxiety and lift your mood.  Find a walk to suit you at

New Plan for Cole Green Way

Hertfordshire County Council is seeking comments on a new Greenspace Action Plan for the Cole Green Way, which will direct major improvements to the route over the next five years. The Cole Green Way was once the railway line between Welwyn Garden City and Hertford and is now a valued route for cyclists, walkers and horse riders. The new plan aims to upgrade the Cole Green Way into an attractive and functional route, recognising its importance to the community and its potential for active travel. View the plan and find out how to comment here:

Hertfordshire Year of Physical Activity

YOPA the Stag is becoming something of a celebrity lately, putting in appearances at numerous Parkruns, Bikeability workshops and even a Couch to 5K course! As we move into March and Young People Month, you’ll be able to spot him at the Herts School Games County Finals being held at Wodson Park and the Inter FE Colleges Games at the Hertfordshire Sports Village.

With spring on the horizon, YOPA is looking for lots of opportunities to be outside in the fresh air, so if you want him to visit your group or event, please contact Jane Parker at

Squash, but not as we know it!

As part of our Year of Physical Activity 2018 a group of Hertfordshire residents – with links to the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership – have started what is believed to be one of the UK’s first walking squash leagues at the Hertfordshire Sports Village. Further details please contact: Josie Mclean  T: 01707 281186  

Put a spring in your step in Sawbridgeworth

'Put a Spring in Your Step’ day is back again this year on the first day of spring, Tuesday 20th March, but with a difference – it will have a Spring Torch Relay, travelling from school to school to spread the walking word.  Pupils, parents and carers, teachers, staff, governors, councillors and anyone in and around Sawbridgeworth, dust off your trainers and join in, helping to spread the message to ditch the car by walking, park & striding, scooting, cycling and running to school, to work, to the shops etc. Look out for posters locally and letters in school bags.

Walks and More

Health Walk 4.jpg

The CMS promotes a calendar of FREE outdoor events called Walks & More. These events are the great opportunity to enjoy exploring Hertfordshire's beautiful countryside, learn local history, or have a fun family day out. Below is just one of the fascinating walks on offer during March.

Buntingford and Back - Tuesday 13th March, 10am-12.30pm

Join the Countryside Management Service and Buntingford Town Council for a circular stroll from Hertfordshire’s smallest town into the countryside and back.
Starting from the Community Centre at Luynes Rise, named after the French town of Luynes, Buntingford’s twin town. From here you’ll head out across the fields to the village of Aspenden ‘Valley of Aspens’, then back through the historic town.

Final thought

This e-Bulletin is produced by the Countryside Management Service, part of Hertfordshire County Council. If you know someone who might like to receive this e-Bulletin, please ask them to sign up via Update Me on the Hertfordshire County Council website.

We love to hear your comments and see your pictures of the walking events you take part in. Please email

Talk to us at our Learning Disability Service Watch Group

Health Watch Herts.png

The Learning Disability Service Watch Group is a chance to speak up about health and social care services

Anyone who is interested in health and social care services can attend

Our meetings run from 12pm to 3pm every other month

There is a free lunch included before the meeting from 12pm to 1pm

For more information call: 01707 275978
Or visit our website:

View the full flyer here