HPFT Wellbeing Plan Focus Groups

HPFT Wellbeing Plan focus groups (this is paid Involvement opportunity)

Viewpoint is looking for up 15 people from across the County to attend a Wellbeing Plan focus group on the afternoon March 20th 3 – 5pm at Colonnades in Hatfield, this is being organised by HPFT and the lead is Kate Linhart (Head of Social Work and Safeguarding).

The focus group is being held to gain the views of service users on the Wellbeing Plan which is for people using Adult Mental In-patient and Community services, also those on CPA.

The Wellbeing plan is not for people accessing Wellbeing team / IAPTS / CAMHS and people with dementia and learning disabilities as these groups use other specific care planning tools that are more appropriate.

I have included a survey link below, for you to please complete.

Wellbeing Plan Survey 

If you are interested in participating in the Wellbeing Plan focus group or would like more information please can you reply to info@hertsviewpoint.co.uk; or 01707-3861346 by no later than the Midday 15th March 2019.