Viewpoint Ballyhoo Spring Newsletter


Spring is in the air…

…although being Britain this may not last for long!

Traditionally spring is the time for new beginnings and clean starts and at Viewpoint we will be making what we hope will be some positive and exciting new changes to the way we work.

As Viewpoint Chief Executive, Leslie Billy, explains:

“Viewpoint has been reviewing its services in a variety of ways, as we want to work even more closely with our members, both to better understand people’s views and concerns and to benefit from the great variety of skills and talents our members can offer.

One of the ways we hope to achieve this is with the development of a User Council for those with lived experience to help guide and shape how we do things going forward.

We also very much enjoyed the Dragons Den event we held on the 18th of January - people told us what services they would like Viewpoint to provide and where there were gaps in services for people with mental health and addiction challenges. There were some great ideas pitched and we would like to take them all forward in some way. We’ll be sure to update you as things develop…

The September Ballyhoo Xtra is now available

After a bit of a delay, the first Ballyhoo Xtra is now available to download from our website.


This quarterly publication is where our members take charge. There is a guest editor who will write the main article and choose from other service user submissions on a particular subject. Anne Lee has bravely taken on the first edition and interviews two of her peers about the subject of benefits.

Our December issue will look at 'Service User led training' and we are open for submissions on this subject until 14th November. Please send your articles (up to 150 words), poems or pictures to . If they cannot be included in the next edition then we will endeavour to put them on the website.


All Viewpoint members who are on our mailing list will receive a copy of the Xtra in the post over the next few days.


We are also looking for more members to be on the Ballyhoo steering group. You will discuss and shape each edition of the Xtra and the staff at Viewpoint will format the newsletter for your approval. You will also help with the monthly Ballyhoo Bulletin which contains information from Viewpoint and other organisations rather than service user content and is aimed at keeping people up to date which what is going on. We welcome your comments and input on the website so please get involved! We aim to get back on track with releasing a new edition at the beginning of each month so please bear with us!

To download the latest edition and see our newsletter archive, visit the Newsletter page now.



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Viewpoint has introduced a new monthly publication to improve the way we communicate with our members.

The Ballyhoo is designed to keep you up to date with Viewpoint events and information from relevant organisations is an easy way. Supported by our website, we hope to make our members feel more connected to what is going on.

Every 3 months, the Ballyhoo is replaced by the Xtra, a longer edition where our members take over. They will write the main article and choose from submissions so that you can hear more from the user perspective on certain issues.

If you want to see the published editions, go to our newsletter page to download them. It is still a work in progress so please feedback any comments or ideas via our contact page.

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