Spectrum All Ages Drug and Alcohol Service Launch - April 1st 2019


We are pleased to share with you the details of our new All Ages Drug and Alcohol Service, launching April 1st 2019.

 We will now be delivering support for both adults and under-18s and we have created a dedicated microsite detailing some of the changes and improvements we are making as part of our relaunch: https://www.changegrowlive.org/spectrum-drug-alcohol-recovery-service-hertfordshire

 Here you can find sections aimed at specific teams and stakeholders, which we will be updating monthly, and bulletins you can read and share with your colleagues and service users.

 You can contact the implementation team by email via: Hertsstaff.info@cgl.org.uk

 Alternatively, you can still reach us via the countywide email Herts@cgl.org.uk

 Any questions we receive will be added to the next batch of updates so please don’t hesitate to contact us at any stage during this process.

Spectrum Quarterly Briefing July 2018

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Updates on news, events and all the goings-on at Spectrum cgl. 

Charlie's Story: Stevenage Service User Rep

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Charlie first came to us 5 years ago looking for help with his drinking. Through persistence and a dogged commitment to working through the Foundations of Recovery programme he is now 1 year into recovery as of June this year! 

He is now using that drive and experience to represent the views of Stevenage service users in local and county wide forums and lend peer support to anyone walking through those doors for the first time. 

Read the full story here

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Watford welcomes visitors to their annual open day

We're very grateful to have had so much interest in our service's open house event this year.

30 people attended from various public and professional services across the Three Rivers and Dacorum areas and had the opportunity to learn more about what our dedicated team do to help tackle substance misuse on the West side of the county.

For anyone who missed the chance they can download a short presentation and find details of the 2 events we're holding this year in Stevenage and Hatfield here


If you read our previous issue of this newsletter, you will know we're immensely proud of our volunteers and peer mentors and always want them to progress further with us. 

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of our Volunteers and Peer Mentors this year, who have supported our teams to do their jobs that much more effectively, spending their precious time working with service users, doing front-of-house and much more besides.

View our latest volunteer role here.


Professors Schifano and Gurguis present on NPS use and Gabapentin risks - June 5th 2018

This year's CPD training for GPs offering shared care services featured two very special guests: our very own Professor Fabrizio Schifano (Consultant Psychiatrist at Spectrum) and the University of Hertfordshire's Dr Amira Guirguis (Pharmacist, Researcher & Lecturer). 

They gave talks on the associated risk of Gabapentin/ Pregabalin use and on multi-use of Novel Psychoactive Substances (formerly 'Legal Highs') with a particular focus on the distribution of NPS, the infiltration of fentanyl in heroin supply and the 150% increase in prescribing of Gabapentin in the last 5 years. 

Click to learn more about NPS and about Gabapentenoid issues


Worker Spotlight: Recovery Worker & LGBTQ Liaison Clara Bartoletti
Clara is a drug worker with our Watford service on Station Road and also acts as the Substance Misuse Liaison for the LGBT Clinic held at Watford town hall.  

At CGL she works primarily with opiate users, holding one-to-one psychosocial sessions and giving out harm reduction advice.

When working at the LGBT clinic, she helps to identify problematic use in patients and refer them into community treatment with us as well as giving out safer injecting information and resources and advice around Chemsex.  

She can be found at the clinic on the 4th Thursday of every month from 5.00 – 8.00pm and if you have a question about substance misuse, chemsex or getting hold of resources such as PIP PACs you can email her via  C-L.Bartoletti@cgl.org.uk

Upcoming events

We hold multiple open days, training sessions and information events throughout the year. 

Take a look at what's coming up!


Remembrance Day July 21st

International Remembrance Day is an official day held on July 21st to remember those that have lost their lives through drugs and alcohol.

In 2015-16 there were 12,432 deaths related to drugs and alcohol. On this day we remember those we have
lost with dignity, honesty, love and celebration.

This year we are encouraging everyone in the local community to ‘Take a minute to remember’ on Friday 20th July at 11.00 a.m. Our staff and service users will be encouraged to stop what they are doing and remember people they have known through the work we do and who are no longer with us.


Northwood HQ Families Day July 25th 2018

We're pleased to be able to once again visit Northwood HQ, this time to give out advice at their upcoming Families Day.

We want to ensure that our armed forces and their families have the same opportunity to access substance  treatment and support that the general public have.

We'll be there from 12.00 - 7.00pm. If you're there, don't be shy - come say hello!

July 28th - World Hepatitis Day Read CGL's Hepatitis C strategy here

August 31st - Overdose Awareness Day 2018

Herts Pride Saturday September 8th

This year we will return to the Health and Well being marquee for Hertfordshire Pride where our LGBTQ liaison and Key worker Clara Bartoletti will be on hand to give out specialised advice on chemsex and harm reduction. 

All September  -  Recovery Month

September 10th  -  World Suicide Prevention 2018

September 27th 2.00 - 4.00pm -  Stevenage CGL open day Book your place now!

The next issue of our Quarterly Briefing will come out on the 24th September

Spectrum Quarterly Briefing April 2018

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Updates on news, events and all the goings-on at Spectrum cgl. 

Transitioning from Recovery into Work

We've always maintained that working here is about more than having a job. Empathy & experience combine to make our recovery workers effective listeners.
With that in mind, we're proud to say that
33% of our current paid staff started out as volunteers and 16% have gone through treatment with us as service users.

Read more about what to expect as a volunteer on our website

Read about Faith's experience on placement at our Hatfield hub


Dual Diagnosis Guidance


Many people suffer from combined mental health and substance misuse problems (dual diagnosis).
In order to clarify how we work with HPFT's mental health service we have produced an easy read guide that service users, carers and professionals can download here

Acupuncture for Clients

Following popular demand, members of staff in Stevenage, Hertford, Hatfield and Watford will be delivering auricular acupuncture for clients once a week to help them manage stress and relieve cravings. 

21 Hatfield Residents Quit Smoking in Hatfield Hub

Service users, staff and members of the public have access to smoking cessation clinics at our service every Tuesday at 12pm, delivered by the Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service.
21 local residents have quit since engaging with the service.  

Hospital Liaison Team offer Naloxone out of Kingfisher Court

Our Hospital Liaison Team are now offering anti-opiate overdose medication Naloxone to patients being discharged from the acute mental health unit at Kingsley Green.
Liaison team members Lucy Sheppard and Michelle Wood attend the unit on Mondays and Fridays and will also offer the potentially life-saving medication to family members and friends of vulnerable patients. 

CGL gains 89 points on the 2018 Equality Index

CGL as an organisation has gone up 89 points on the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index as a result of improved inclusion activities.

Read More Online

Family, Friends & Carers

Remember: we offer an 8-week programme for friends, family and anyone who cares for someone with a substance misuse issue. 

Please refer to the information contained here

Back Pain and Possible Problems with Opioids

Our Nurse Clinical Lead AnnaMarie Felice has spoken to Relax Back UK about the potential issues arising from opioid use to treat back pain.

Listen to the interview online


Upcoming Events

We hold multiple open days, training sessions and information events throughout the year. 
Take a look at what's coming up!



Say Hi at the Samaritans 'We Listen' Event

Join us at the Hatfield Market Place on Saturday 14th April from 9am - 3pm where we'll be answering your questions on drug & alcohol support.

Meet the team! Royston Health Action Day 21/04

Recovery Worker Sarah and Volunteer/ Inclusion Champion Andrea will be at the Royston Leisure Centre on Saturday 21st April 10am - 2pm.

Living well with and beyond cancer

Hospital Liaison team leader Lucy and Communications Officer Sam will be on hand to give out advice to patients and carers on substance misuse treatment at Holywell Community Centre on the 24th April from 10.30am - 2pm.

  • Tuesday 24th April - Needle Syringe Programme training and Review of Naloxone take-home for Pharmacists (7-9pm)
  • 14th - 20th May - Mental Health Awareness Week
  • 1st - 7th June - Volunteer's Week
  • Tuesday 5th June - GP shared care training with guest speakers Dr. Amira Gurguis and Professor Fabrizio Schifano
  • 11th - 17th June - Carer's Week
  • Thursday 28th June - Cgl Watford open day


Spectrum Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service Redesign Bulletin


Please click here for the latest redesign bulletin outlining the changes we’ve made so far across Hertfordshire and the upcoming switch to community working in Letchworth Garden City.

We are moving in to Jackman’s Community Centre on January 29th  and offering appointments on Mondays (1.30 - 5pm), Tuesdays (9am – 5pm) and Wednesdays (12pm - 8pm).   

We will cease to use our service in Solutions House on that date and where possible could you direct all enquires to the Stevenage service via Stevenage@cgl.org.uk or 01438 364 495.

For further details vew the flyer here


Spectrum Quarterly Briefing December '17

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Eighteen Peer mentors graduate in November 2017

Our Peer Mentoring programme, run by Volunteer Coordinator Ashley Myers, is the next step for Service Users who want to give back after achieving success in their recovery. 
Two cohorts of Peer Mentors were presented with their Level 2 Awards in Progression by Ashley and the Deputy Service Managers on Friday 24th November.
"After 5 years of working with hundreds of Peer Mentors, I am still astounded at the tenacity and commitment that our new Peer Mentors show not only in the classroom but also during placement," Ashley said.  
Learn more about Peer Mentoring on our website changegrowlive.org

Naloxone community roll-out

Every year we hold training sessions for pharmacies who provide Supervised Consumption or Needle Exchange services within Hertfordshire.
As part of phase 2 of our plan to widen the provision of anti-opiate overdose medication Naloxone in this county, we have now trained 30x pharmacies to deliver this intervention to the general public.
Naloxone is already given out to Service Users at risk of opiate overdose (and their carers, friends and family) by our staff as part of our efforts to tackle the rise in opiate deaths attributed to an ageing population and the current trend of cutting opiates with Fentanyl
Enabling community pharmacies to give out this life-saving medication will help us to reach opiate users who are not necessarily accessing treatment and to also reduce the stigma surrounding substance misuse in our communities.
We want to encourage people to be open about their problems, to talk to their family and friends about them and to seek treatment with us without shame. 
We are holding a mop-up Naloxone take-home session for pharmacists and technicians on January 24th 2018. Email Sam to book a place on the course. 

Worker Spotlight: Criminal Justice Team Leader Becky Danslow

Working within the Integrated Criminal Justice Team, our duties include: holding caseloads of all complex offending clients who have either a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR), Alcohol Treatment Requirement (ATR), C2 Clients and PPO’s.
We work as an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team aiming to reduce our Service Users' substance misuse and offending behaviour, helping rehabilitate them back into the community.
These clients are required by the courts to attend regular one-to-one key work sessions, regular drug screening and to attend the group work programmes that CGL run, such as Foundations of Recovery. They attend on a regular weekly basis and all attendance/non-attendance gets sent to Probation for the Offender Managers to monitor.
It can be very rewarding when clients do well and become substance free.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last four and half years in this role, and working with all professionals involved in helping such a complex client group and I’m looking forward to continuing this as Team leader. 
Have a question about our Criminal Justice or Test on Arrest teams? Email becky.danslow@cgl.org.uk 

NPS leaflets now available in Spectrum hubs

We now provide a suite of drug-specific Novel Psychoactive Substance (formerly known as legal highs) leaflets for users and professionals.
Download the PDF's here.

Updated referral form available online

Our updated referral form is available to download in Word or as a PDF from changegrowlive.org 

We want your feedback on our annual open days

Every year we hold one public open day for each of our hubs to share the work we do helping people recover from addiction and to also demystify the treatment process.
Going into 2018 we would like to improve these events and make the content of our presentations and talks as valuable as possible. If you have attended one of our events this year please can you take a moment to give us feedback on anything you would have liked to have seen but didn't. Or if you have never been to one of our events, please tell us what you would like to see as a first-timer.   

Hatfield service uses £300 donation to provide rough sleeping packs for clients 

After receiving a donation from the family of one of our Service Users, the Hatfield team have started giving out Vinnie Packs (provided by St Vincent de Paul Society) containing gloves, socks, foil blankets, toothbrush and other essential items. They used the donation to bulk out the packs with extra items to make sure clients would have everything they need.

Wellbeing packs given out in Watford service for Suicide Prevention Day

Peer Mentors, volunteers and staff at our Watford service marked Suicide Prevention day on September 10th by giving out Wellbeing packs containing food, Spot the Signs leaflets and information on the 5 ways to Wellbeing. They also used the opportunity to talk to individuals about suicidal thoughts and coping mechanisms.    

Alcohol Awareness Week.png

Alcohol Awareness Week - November

Pictured, our Hatfield service handing out pizza and mocktails and engaging in some alcohol mythbusting as part of Alcohol Awareness Week. 




Spectrum Herts Pride.png

Spectrum stall at Herts Pride - Sept
Pictured, giving out harm reduction advice and treatment information during September Herts Pride 



August 31st Overdose Awareness Day
Pictured, the Stevenage team on August 31st about to train Service Users to use Naloxone and give out harm reduction advice to vulnerable users. 





Elsewhere in CGL 

Mark Moody has been appointed CGL's new Chief Executive
Read the full story here

Our 2016- 2017 Impact Report is now live online
Read the full report here

Upcoming events

We will have a range of events, open days and training sessions coming up in 2018. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming open day dates on changegrowlive.org.  

Dry January 1st - 31st Jan 2018

Naloxone Take Home training for Pharmacy Assistants & Pharmacists

January 24th 2018 7.00 - 9.00pm
St Martins House, 14 The Common, Hatfield, AL10 0UR

 CPD training for Pharmacy staff signed up to the Needle Syringe Programme.
Contact sam.larkin@cgl.org.uk to enquire about places.