Free Transport Service to Kingfisher Court

Kingfisher Court construction project - at Kingsley Green, near Radlett

Kingfisher Court construction project - at Kingsley Green, near Radlett

In addition to the information regarding the New Transport options for Kingsley Green, HPFT have proposed some scenarios and how the Trust will support people in these situations. These scenarios were requested by users and carers who are part of the Transport development group.

Our proposal aims to ensure that people are not inconvenienced by the locations of our new inpatient services, meaning that additional travel requirements are met by the Trust.

Please note some of the examples are likely to be rare occurrences but hopefully they provide further clarity about our plans.

Further information and a list of the scenarios can be accessed from HPFT's website.

Kingsley Green build Update

The new development at Kingsley Green has been coming on well over the past few months.  Building is on track and both wings are going up quickly. Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, who are going through a significant transformation, are holding a variety of meetings about what the developments will mean for people

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