Suicide Prevention: Boys & Men T&F Group Surveys

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The boys and men suicide prevention action group have composed two short anonymous questionnaires to help us gain some further insight to drive our work forward:

  1. Crisis behaviour survey –
    The aim of this survey is to help us to gain further insight into the behaviour of Hertfordshire boys (aged 11 and over) and men when they are struggling or in crisis.  We’d be grateful if partners could share this survey widely. 
  1. Website feedback survey –
    This survey (available to be completed online or via the attached paper version) is open to any Hertfordshire based boys (aged 11 +) or men.  It asks them to look at one of our 3 key local websites to provide us with anonymous feedback.  Anyone could complete this survey, so feel free to ask family members, work colleagues, etc.

NB. Links to further support are provided at the end of both surveys.

View the paper survey here

Completed paper surveys can be sent to:

Jennifer Beer, Farnham House (postal point SFAR232) Six Hills Way, Stevenage,  SG1 2FQ