Stay safe online

Stay Safe Online

Fraudsters have been conning people out of their money and possessions for centuries, but these days technological advances have given them even more ways to deceive and cheat you, and relieve you of your money.  By using the phone or Internet they can do so without your knowing anything about who they are, or their whereabouts – most likely they are not even in the UK.

The “bad guys” have three ways they can exploit:

  • Infect or take control of your computer, tablet or smart phone to steal your money,
  • Use your device to attack someone else.
  • Deceive you into handing over information about your bank or credit card details

Computer Friendly have recently started actively using Facebook and Twitter to help people be aware of Internet-based scams and fraud.

We are linked in to several Twitter and Facebook organisations who promulgate issues, such as Action Fraud, as well as adding more information of our own.

I thought the organisations in the Stronger Together networks may find it useful to have an easy source of reference for Internet scams? Would it be possible for you to forward the details of our accounts to them?



We also have a lot of information on this on our webpage:


Ian Gotts