Spectrum Quarterly Briefing July 2018

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Updates on news, events and all the goings-on at Spectrum cgl. 

Charlie's Story: Stevenage Service User Rep

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Charlie first came to us 5 years ago looking for help with his drinking. Through persistence and a dogged commitment to working through the Foundations of Recovery programme he is now 1 year into recovery as of June this year! 

He is now using that drive and experience to represent the views of Stevenage service users in local and county wide forums and lend peer support to anyone walking through those doors for the first time. 

Read the full story here

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Watford welcomes visitors to their annual open day

We're very grateful to have had so much interest in our service's open house event this year.

30 people attended from various public and professional services across the Three Rivers and Dacorum areas and had the opportunity to learn more about what our dedicated team do to help tackle substance misuse on the West side of the county.

For anyone who missed the chance they can download a short presentation and find details of the 2 events we're holding this year in Stevenage and Hatfield here


If you read our previous issue of this newsletter, you will know we're immensely proud of our volunteers and peer mentors and always want them to progress further with us. 

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of our Volunteers and Peer Mentors this year, who have supported our teams to do their jobs that much more effectively, spending their precious time working with service users, doing front-of-house and much more besides.

View our latest volunteer role here.


Professors Schifano and Gurguis present on NPS use and Gabapentin risks - June 5th 2018

This year's CPD training for GPs offering shared care services featured two very special guests: our very own Professor Fabrizio Schifano (Consultant Psychiatrist at Spectrum) and the University of Hertfordshire's Dr Amira Guirguis (Pharmacist, Researcher & Lecturer). 

They gave talks on the associated risk of Gabapentin/ Pregabalin use and on multi-use of Novel Psychoactive Substances (formerly 'Legal Highs') with a particular focus on the distribution of NPS, the infiltration of fentanyl in heroin supply and the 150% increase in prescribing of Gabapentin in the last 5 years. 

Click to learn more about NPS and about Gabapentenoid issues


Worker Spotlight: Recovery Worker & LGBTQ Liaison Clara Bartoletti
Clara is a drug worker with our Watford service on Station Road and also acts as the Substance Misuse Liaison for the LGBT Clinic held at Watford town hall.  

At CGL she works primarily with opiate users, holding one-to-one psychosocial sessions and giving out harm reduction advice.

When working at the LGBT clinic, she helps to identify problematic use in patients and refer them into community treatment with us as well as giving out safer injecting information and resources and advice around Chemsex.  

She can be found at the clinic on the 4th Thursday of every month from 5.00 – 8.00pm and if you have a question about substance misuse, chemsex or getting hold of resources such as PIP PACs you can email her via  C-L.Bartoletti@cgl.org.uk

Upcoming events

We hold multiple open days, training sessions and information events throughout the year. 

Take a look at what's coming up!


Remembrance Day July 21st

International Remembrance Day is an official day held on July 21st to remember those that have lost their lives through drugs and alcohol.

In 2015-16 there were 12,432 deaths related to drugs and alcohol. On this day we remember those we have
lost with dignity, honesty, love and celebration.

This year we are encouraging everyone in the local community to ‘Take a minute to remember’ on Friday 20th July at 11.00 a.m. Our staff and service users will be encouraged to stop what they are doing and remember people they have known through the work we do and who are no longer with us.


Northwood HQ Families Day July 25th 2018

We're pleased to be able to once again visit Northwood HQ, this time to give out advice at their upcoming Families Day.

We want to ensure that our armed forces and their families have the same opportunity to access substance  treatment and support that the general public have.

We'll be there from 12.00 - 7.00pm. If you're there, don't be shy - come say hello!

July 28th - World Hepatitis Day Read CGL's Hepatitis C strategy here

August 31st - Overdose Awareness Day 2018

Herts Pride Saturday September 8th

This year we will return to the Health and Well being marquee for Hertfordshire Pride where our LGBTQ liaison and Key worker Clara Bartoletti will be on hand to give out specialised advice on chemsex and harm reduction. 

All September  -  Recovery Month

September 10th  -  World Suicide Prevention 2018

September 27th 2.00 - 4.00pm -  Stevenage CGL open day Book your place now!

The next issue of our Quarterly Briefing will come out on the 24th September