Recovery Conference 2019 Speakers and Conference Makers needed!


The Recovery Conference Planning Group is looking for Lived Experience speakers for the Recovery conference events in October, we have attached more information that explains what will be required of you if you are interested in being a speaker at one of the Recovery Conference events.             

The Recovery Conference planning group is also looking for Conference Makers.

1.    About the conference makers
Conference makers are essential in helping our conferences run smoothly and, as with the Olympics games makers, are one of the things that delegates remember from the day.

A conference maker is there to:
•    Welcome people 
•    Answer any questions that people may have (or point them in the direction of someone who can)
•    Help people feel at ease and comfortable at the conference.
•    Help the conference to stay on time.  This includes helping people to get to their workshops and talks.

2.    Briefing on the day
The Recovery Conference planning group member(s) will meet on the day, prior to the event starting to run through any questions / issues which may need looking after during the day. The venues are relatively small this year with maximum attendance being around 80 people so there are not too many complexities to look after.

You will get a paper Sunflower (the symbol of Recovery) to wear on the day so that you can be recognised.

Please contact Andrew Nicholls Recovery Conference Lead, HPFT directly on or 07767 890113 if you are interested in either of these involvement opportunities.

For more information on speaking at these events, please click here

For more information on helping as a conference maker, please click here