NSUN Bulletin Monday 01 July 2019

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Welcome to the Monday 1st July 2019 edition of our weekly ebulletin - full of news, views, events and involvement opportunities. If there's anything you would like to share with the wider network please send to info@nsun.org.uk.

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Request for feedback on the bulletin & 4Pi 

We have been sending the NSUN weekly bulletin to our members since March 2009. Feedback has told us that the bulletin is highly valued and we would really like to know what opportunities and activities you've taken up as a result of information we've shared.

Feedback request: We would appreciate you telling us what (if any) difference the information we've shared has made to you personally or professionally.

  • Have you got involved in research, workshops or projects?

  • Have you joined a group or applied for funding for your group?

  • Have you got involved in any national initiatives?

  • Have you had good responses to items you've advertised?

Please send any feedback to us directly by email at info@nsun.org.uk.

Request for feedback on the use of 4Pi

We are currently reviewing how the 4Pi National Involvement Standards are being used across the country. If they are being used we want to know what difference they have made to involvement and co-production practice.

If you work with or for an organisation using the 4Pi framework, please email Angela Newton at anjynewton@hotmail.com.

NSUN News 

Live streaming of presentations about poverty in the UK

The UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights

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As many of you will know, the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Professor Philip Alston, visited the UK last year. A number of you also contributed to the submission which Dorothy Gould collated on NSUN’s behalf to help with Professor Alston’s enquiry. 

At 9:30am last Thursday, the Special Rapporteur joined civil society representatives for an event in Geneva entitled Poverty in the UK: Human Rights under Threat. You can also watch a live streaming of the event at: https://www.facebook.com/AlstonUNSR.

If the planned schedule has been maintained, Professor Alston will too have presented his report to the UN Human Rights Council on Friday of last week. At the meeting, there will have been opportunities for the UK government to respond to his report and for other states and civil societies also to make comments. A live streaming of the meeting should now be available at http://webtv.un.org/meetings-events/human-rights-council/

Mental Health Act Review

Mental Health Act Review Advisory Group held its first meeting following the publication of the review recommendations, 7th May. The second meeting is being held 8th July. As a member of the group we will continue to share our reflections about the recommendations. You can read the main points we'll be raising here.

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