NSUN Bulletin 8th October 2018

NSUN Bulletin Monday 08 October 2018
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NSUN Bulletin Monday 08 October 2018
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Dear Viewpoint
Welcome to the 08 October edition of our weekly ebulletin that contains lots of updates, news and views. As well as World Mental Health Day, this week we highlight Black History Month.
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NSUN Members Event and Annual General Meeting: 25 October 2018
'The Future of Peer Support'
Book your place on the AGM event page. Remember, you can also book a slot for a 'Soap Box' to share your views on the future of peer support.
You can view Soap Box contributions from our members at our previous events on our YouTube channel.
Mental Health Act Review Stakeholder events
Two more stakeholder events have been set for:
  • Tuesday 16 October, London, 1-4pm Book here.
  • Wednesday 17 October, Exeter, 2-5pm Book here.
UPDATED 'Get to know NSUN in 3 minutes'
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Events - already advertised
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Selected blog 
Windrush nationality scandalBlack History Month takes us back to the Windrush scandal, which saw people being brutally deported or threatened with deportation after spending a lifetime in the UK.
As many of them are still dealing with the trauma caused by this violation of their human rights, this blog by Amnesty International tells us that sadly, the Windrush scandal is only the tip of the iceberg.
#Healthwatch 2018 event 
Article ImageLast week Dr Alison Faulkner spoke at the national Healthwatch sixth Annual Conference in Stratford-Upon-Avon #Healthwatch2018.
Alison's main points were:
  • Inpatient care at times can be abusive, contravening human rights
  • Health inequalities: structural racism
  • Powerlessness to make complaints
  • Patient safety
Mental health has been the number one health and social care issue for the Healthwatch network over the past three years. Liz Sayce, Healthwatch Committee member, provided an overview of Healthwatch mental health work and Paul Framer, Mind CEO, spoke about the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and 'parity of esteem' for mental health.
You can read the Healthwatch report that shares what people have been telling themHealthwatch about mental health services here.
Human Rights breaches in the Mental Capacity (amendment) Bill 
human rightsAn urgent appeal for support from People First
People First, an organisation led by people with learning difficulties, is appealing for support against changes which the government is planning to make to the Mental Capacity Act via its Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill.
The situation is now urgent, because the Bill is already progressing within Parliament.
The Mental Capacity Act itself falls short of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). If the Bill becomes law in its current form, there will be further breaches of human rights. Read more about the changes explained by Policy and Insights here.
For more information and how to support this campaign, please click here.
Black History Month events 
baptists who abolished slaveryOctober is Black History Month and the website Blacknet features events which cover history, literature and the arts.
Many events take place in London, but there are some in Manchester, Oxford, Dagenham and Birmingham too.
Please take a look at this website for a full listing
Black History Month Magazine online 
Nelson Mandela'What counts is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead' ~ Nelson Mandela
Black History Month Magazine, is the central point of focus and lead the nationwide celebration of Black History, Arts and Culture throughout the UK in 2018. It is available to read online for free.
Features include:
  • The legacy of Nelson Mandela
  • Caribbean women and the NHS
  • The Windrush Generation
  • In the shadow of Enoch Powell
  • and much more
To read the magazine, please click here
Book: The Colour of Madness - exploring BAME mental health in the UK 
the colour of madnessInspired by a range of experiences, this anthology of art, poetry, short fiction, memoirs, and essays seeks to disrupt the whitewashed narrative of mental health in the United Kingdom.

Through a journey along the visible colour spectrum, Dr Samara Linton and Rianna Walcott centre the experiences of over fifty people from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, expanding our understanding of mental health to one which encompasses the full rainbow.
About the authors: Samara Linton qualified from University College London and is a University of Cambridge graduate. She has published research on mental health stigma and frequently writes about gender, race and health for various online publications.
Rianna Walcott is a PhD candidate at Kings College London, where she is researching how women of colour form communities in digital spaces, following an English literature undergraduate and masters degree at Edinburgh University. She is passionate about decolonising curricula and promoting diversity in academia, and co-founded projectmyopia.com in pursuit of that goal
To get a copy of the book, in kindle format or paperback, please click here
The Dragon Cafe celebrates reggae music 
reggaeThis Monday, for Black History Month, the Dragon Cafe will have Reggae on the mind, on the dance floor, on the screen and through the speakers. 
At 4 pm for the Dance session, Sound Maestro Martin will be playing a selection and inviting you to the dance floor. 
If you have any music requests throughout the day Martin will be happy to play them when/if possible. 
From 6 pm enjoy a Musical Movie Night with a fantastic documentary about a legend, giving great insight to the life and politics that inspired some wonderful music and lyrics.
The Dragon cafe is at the Crypt of St George the Martyr Church,  Borough High Street, SE1 1JA
Cornwall community of practice: mental health II 
cornwall event
Communities of practice seek to build on local skills, knowledge and partnership working among frontline staff. This will be a great opportunity to increase partnership links between the homelessness sector and mental health, as well as to learn more about the assessment process for mental health services.
Date: 24 October
Time: 12noon - 03:30pm
Venue: St Erme Community Centre Truro TR4 9BD
This event is free to attend, and open to all people working on the frontline in homelessness and related-fields across Cornwall.
For more information and to book a place, please click here.
LGBTQI+ Diversity – Building Solidarity Symposium 
dice rainbow
An event to highlight the many sides of London’s diverse LGBTQI+ community. The symposium will look for shared goals, build solidarity and raise the voices of the most excluded in our rainbow family.
Co-produced with Intersex UK, Rainbow Pilgrims, Regard DDPO, Twilight People, Gendered Intelligence, AIDS Memorial campaign and other user-led projects.
Open to intersectional LGBTQI+ people and their allies, charities, campaigners, policy makers, funders and service providers.
Date: Friday 12 October 2018 
Time: 11.00-16.00, arrivals from 10am, tactical tea and cakes until 5pm
Venue: Lift, 45 White Lion Street, N1 9PW
To register your interest email mhairi@reap.org.uk or 07756 939 187 with any access or dietary needs.
World Mental Health Day in North Tyneside, Newcastle and Gateshead 
togethernessNorth Tyneside:
Date: 12 October
Time: 11;30am - 05pm
Venue: Cullercoat Crescent Club NE30 4PN
0191 223 0382 / launchpadnt@gmail.com
Date: 06 October
Time: 11am - 03pm
Venue: Central Library, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Date: 10 October
Time: 11am - 03pm
Venue: Shipley Art Gallery
Mish Lorraine: 0191 477 7381 / MLoraine@mhm.org.uk
Young People and Mental Health - What's Society got to do with it? 
WMHD event in London
The theme of World Mental Health Day on 10 October is Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World. 
The number of young people reporting a mental health problem has multiplied by six in 2 decades.
75% of mental heath problems set in by age 24 and 50% by age 14. We’d better do something about it.
We hear calls for more treatment. But if, as the World Health Organisation says, mental illness is socially produced, is medicine the answer, and is it what young people want?
Join Talk for Health FREE for short talks and conversation with expert young speakers and those with pioneering new approaches.
Date:10 October
Time: 06pm - 08pm
Venue: Islington Town Hall, Upper Street, London N1 2UD
To book your place, please click here
World Mental Health Day at Blackfriars Settlement 
Date: Wednesday 10 October 2018
Time: 1-2pm
Venue: The Foyer open space, Blackfriars Settlement: 1 Rushworth St, SE1 0RB
Fruits, Tea & Toast, Coffee & Cakes
Bring your own lunch & refreshments
Come together to chit-chat, share art works, stories, meet friends
Followed by a group visit to the Tate Gallery from 2pm
Seminar: Surviving student life as a voice hearer 
SymposiumThis free event is organised by the Collaborating Centre of Values-Based Practice, St Catherine's College, Oxford.
Speakers include:
  • Dr Roz Austin (Network Lead of the Educational Voice-hearing Network)
  • Dr David Crepaz-Keay (The Mental Health Foundation)
  • Dr Louise Johns (Oxford University)
  • Olivier Bazin (Oxford Mindfulness Centre)
Date: 28 November
Time: 10am - 04pm
Venue: St Catherine's College, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UJ
To book your place, please visit this page.
Mad In America: How Modern Psychiatry Came to Be 
Article Image
This week on Mad In America Robert Whitaker goes over the history of “How Modern Psychiatry Came to Be”.
John Read and Sue Cunliffe's podcast on the 57th Maudsley Debate in London, focuses on whether ECT has a place in modern medicine. And on the Science and Pseudoscience podcast, Sharna Olfman speaks with physician Zach Bush about current research on epigenetics and the microbiome.
UCL mental health researchers to benefit from multi-million pound investment 
Article ImageTwo UCL researchers were successful in securing funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), following their recent announcement to invest £8 million in new mental health research networks. Professor Sonia Johnson and Dr Daisy Fancourt will join six other networks designed to broaden mental health research, and will each receive £1.25 million over four years from across the research councils.
They aim to bring together experts, key community organisations and people with lived experience to investigate loneliness and social isolation in mental health
Read more here.
In the news 
London School of Economics
The Windrush Generation have been treated appallingly. EU migrants may expect an even worse deal
The Independent
Antidepressants cause withdrawal symptoms in over half of patients who try to quit them, review shows
Disability News Service (DNS)
A charity has refused to criticise the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) over four deaths linked to universal credit, hours after a minister announced it would receive tens of millions of pounds to support claimants on the new benefit system.
Both Bipolar UK and the Epilepsy Society are facing questions over their close links to the Conservative party.
The Guardian
Very few patients in high secure hospitals have convictions for anything as horrible as Ian Brady’s crimes, and some have no criminal conviction at all, writes Mat Kinton
PTSD rates increase in UK military personnel, research suggests
BBC News
The number of referrals to child and adolescent mental health services in England has increased by 26% over the past five years, Education Policy Institute (EPI) research suggests
Huffington Post
One in three people have experienced a decline in mental health while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, according to a survey of 8,000 people.
Young women's mentl health needs to become a priority.
Mental health in the Long-Term Plan for the NHS | SUC Feedback: survey and workshop 
Article ImageThe government has announced a 3.4% funding settlement for NHS England over the next 5 years and the NHS England Mental Health team will be putting forward a plan that spells out the priorities for mental health. NHS England has drafted a list of questions which are being sent to stakeholders.
Researchers at the National Collaborating centre for Mental Health would like to hear from you if:
  • You have or have had a mental health problem
  • You care or have cared for someone with a mental health problem
  • You have or have had a long-term physical health problem and have or have had mental health problems associated with this.
To map the needs of the long-term funding settlement, it is important to get the best understanding of your experience and what, in your opinion, good mental health care should look like.
Please let the researchers know and help us to identify those challenges by completing this survey by Friday 26 October 2018
The survey is anonymous. What you submit will be sent to NHS England for consideration.
Please contact Emanuela Russo emanuela.russo@rcpsych.ac.uk / 020 3701 2600 if you would like to receive a Word version of the questionnaire to complete offline, or if you would like a hard copy to be sent with a stamped addressed envelope. If you need more time to complete the survey, please let Emanuela know.
A workshop will take place on Tuesday 30 October 2018, 11am-4pm, at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The aim of the workshop is to discuss the key themes from the survey responses and consider what elements to prioritise and submit to NHS England.

Please let Emanuela know by Tuesday 16 October 2018 if you would like to attend. Travel to and from the meeting will be organised and paid for: emanuela.russo@rcpsych.ac.uk / 020 3701 2600
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GOV.UK news 
World’s first global ministerial mental health summit to be held in London
Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced that the UK will host the first ever Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London 10/11October. The summit will aim to help countries work together to increase the evidence for different treatments, and to ensure healthcare systems around the world value mental health as much as physical health.
Find out more here tweet #TheWorldNeeds.
Matt Hancock warns of dangers of social media on children’s mental health
The Chief Medical Officer is reviewing the impact that too much social media use can have on children’s mental health and will draw up guidance to help parents.

£240 million social care investment to ease NHS winter pressures
The investment in adult social care this winter will help local authorities reduce pressures on the NHS by getting patients home quicker and freeing up hospital beds across England.
Mental Health Act Review EVENTS
Following the publication of the Interim Report in May, 18 topic groups were set up in July based on each of the main themes. Proposals from the Topic Groups have been finalised. Two events were held during August which set out to engage with mixed audiences on the review’s thinking so far and another two are planned for October.
Two more stakeholder events have been set for:
  • Tuesday 16th October, London, 1-4pm Book here.
  • Wednesday 17th October, Exeter, 2-5pm Book here.
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