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Monday 27 November 2017 
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Dear Viewpoint
This week NSUN attended the launch of a new initiative to tackle ethnic inequalities in mental health and the new Health and Wellbeing Alliance Mental Health Group. This edition also focuses on the autumn budget and what it means for health and social care.
We also received a positive response to requests to be included in the Mental Health Act Review process with an invitation to be  a member of the Advisory Group. We will continue to share thoughts emerging from the network about the Mental Health Act Review as the consultation period progresses.
ethnic inequalities
NSUN news 
Launch of the Synergi Collaborative Centre
Earlier this year Lankelly Chase Foundation commissioned Queen Mary University of London, the University of Manchester and Words of Colour Productions to establish an independent centre of excellence on ethnic inequalities, severe mental illness and multiple disadvantage.This initiative calls for ‘fresh science’ and the prioritisation of lived experience narratives to transform ethnic inequalities in mental health services.
Click here to listen to Sarah Yiannoullou, Managing Director of NSUN, and Raza Griffiths, NSUN London Network Coordinator, discuss the importance of the BME service user narrative to the transformation of mental health services.
NSUN trustee Stephanie McKinley reacts to the budget announcement
''Well very little to celebrate I think for those of us who experience mental health problems it would appear.  In fact we are virtually ignored apart from some kind of pledge to give an extra 2.8bn of new funding to the NHS over 3 years and a green paper out any minute now about transforming CYP services. Long overdue and good to see some preventative thinking happening finally for CYP, but where is adult mental health in all of this? Have our needs just disappeared overnight? Are we suddenly able to access more joined up services, are no more services being cut that we so desperately need? 
Now call me cynical (and many have), but as we are supposed to now be in the age of parity of esteem, I would hope that some of the money might come into our service area. Sadly I doubt that extra 2.8bn will go towards mental health or possibly even physical health. It will more than likely be swallowed up in the huge deficits that most Trusts are operating under.  I'm not sure how much of it will be felt on the front line where we all need it most. True £350 million is being given now to cover winter costs to the NHS, but that is aimed at acute hospitals and not mental health or community services that are also struggling. 
Which begs the question, what does £350 million look like anyway? What would it look like for you in your community?  Your area? Your region? As a member of NSUN I challenge all of us to ask our MP's, our Healthwatches, our commissioners, where this money going? On what? For who? They represent us and should be able to tell us surely! How is parity of esteem that Theresa May assured us she is so committed to, being realised by this £2.8bn? Having been given the impression we are of no account to this goverment, we should be making our voices heard to those who are accountable to us.
We do exist and we need to make sure that as members of NSUN we remind everyone of that fact. This budget is the perfect excuse we need! ''
Member's blogs 
This week we bring you two blog posts by Simone Aspis, who lives with disabilities and acts as advocate for detained in-patients with learning difficulties and autism. Simone's blogs were writen in light of the Mental Health Act review
The mental health act review and the definition of 'mental disorder'
Selected blogs 
Why is the government waging a war against disabled people? Ministers’ social care and welfare reforms represent a deliberately prejudiced, vicious attack on a significant minority of the population says Peter Beresford
The autumn budget: what does it mean for health and social care? 
budget This facebook live Q&A was held on 23 November, with:
Tom Moberly, The BMJ's UK editor
Professor John Appleby, director of research and chief economist at the Nuffield Trust
Siva Anandaciva, chief analyst at The Kings Fund
You can find the recorded session here
Stop mental health cuts campaign 
Affected by mental healh cuts? You can help this campaign
Article Image The Government has repeatedly promised an additional £1Bn for mental health.
However, the Royal College of Psychiatrists understand from NHS England that the latest budget could mean mental health might not get this promissed additional £1Bn at all.
The College are asking people to tweet on how mental health cuts affect them.
To tweet your views pelase use hashtag
Alternative approaches for working with voice hearers 
A Workshop of the Voice-Hearing Network in the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and Social Care
working w voice hearers
Date: 24 January
Time: 10am - 4pm (registration at 9:30am)
Venue: St Catherine’s College, Oxford University Manor Road, OX1 3UJ 
A wide variety of presentations will explore innovative ways of working with people who hear voices.
The full agenda is available here
to book a free place please contact Roz – r.v.austin@durham.ac.uk
CAPITAL Project Trust positions 
Opening Doors to Mental Wellbeing
Article Image
An exciting opportunity has arisen to work with CAPITAL Project Trust.  Capital is a unique and well respected West Sussex based mental health charity run for and by people who use mental health services. 
We are recruiting for:
21.5 Hours per Week - £10.00 per Hour
We are looking to recruit a dynamic, empathetic and well organised individual to coordinate the running of the Western (Coastal and Rural) and Northern (North of County) Locality area.  Developing and promoting membership engagement within their area including the running of a regular monthly Members meeting. They will also be responsible for the management and supervision of the Peer Support workers at their local hospital.
15 Hours per Week – £9.02 per Hour
We require a friendly, practical and helpful individual to join our admin team in a small but busy office. Working closely with the Senior Administrator to ensure the smooth running of our small office, ensuring appropriate procedures are maintained. They will also give specific administrative support to our inpatient and new rehabilitation peer support service.
If you would like a full Job Description for either role and Application Pack please telephone 01243 869662 or email enquiries@capitalproject.org
Closing date for Application submission, 9.30am, on Monday 8th January 2018
Interviews will be held Thursday 18th and Friday 19th January 2018
A co-produced peer support toolkit 
side by side
Between September 2014 and December 2016, Mind, BipolarUK, the Depression Alliance  and a large number of smaller, grant-funded projects ran the Side by Side peer support project.

'Side by Side' aimed to:
  • build an evidence base for the effectiveness of one to one, group and online peer support
  • promote the value of peer support to people with experience of mental health problems, service providers and commissioners
  • improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems across England through access to peer support.
The project included co-produced research into the effectiveness of peer support and this led to producing a toolkit, which you can now access here.
Survivors History Group meeting 
non suicidal self injury
Date: 29 November
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Venue: Lower Meeting Room, Wesleys Chapel, 49 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AU.
(Near Old Street underground station)
All welcome. If you live in London or can travel to London this Wednesday 29 November, join us. NSUN will be chairing.
This month the group will discuss:
  • New ways to run the Survivors History Group
  • Asylum magazine and the changes in that
    over the years and how they relate to survivors history
  • working with the Friends of Philip Morgan to preserve his
    legacy of "health through history" and, related to this, survivor
    responses to deaths and other tragedies - a theme that has been
    raised by David Kessel and Frank Bangay
  • how the Scottish Union of Mental Patients was formed in the locked wards of  Hartwoods Hospital, Shotts, Lanarkshire in the early 1970s
Talk for Health news 
Annual Showcase with Grayson Perry
Article Image
Talk for Health hosted its annual showcase event at Islington Town Hall 9th November - Cracked!
120 people joined us to hear Grayson Perry, Kate Prince and Nicky Forsythe talk about mental health and how individuals deal with the cracks in today’s society - and how they shape them.
Grayson gave a highly entertaining but serious talk about identity and the process of finding ourselves and accepting change. We’re not alone – we are part of society and as such “we are a collection of experiences and relationships - we don’t live in isolation. Our identity is co-created continuously starting from the moment that we’re born”, he said.Read more here.
Learn to Talk for a Fit Mind with Talk for Health: Peer Counselling Skills
FREE taster session
Date: Thursday 22nd February 2018
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Venue:Hampstead Parish Church, Church Row, London, NW3 6UU
Find out more and register here for the full six session programme over March 2018.
CQC announce children and young people's survey 
childen and young people survey
The data collection for the next survey will begin in the New Year, and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will be asking thousands of children and young people about the care they have received while in hospital during November and December 2016.
If you work for a trust treating children and young people, make sure the experiences of your patients are heard by encouraging people to respond to the survey.
Download this cqc children and young people survey tips for some tips and ideas.
Mental Health Cop 
Article Subtitle
Article ImageMichael Brown is a serving police inspector who started blogging in a personal capacity.
He has produced a series of BLOG posts focusing on aspects of the Police and Crime Act 2017 affecting the Mental Health Act. Michael has also produced briefings for police officers but others will find these both accessible and useful. Find out more here.
Read the BLOGS to date. More on the way!
  • What is a Place of Safety – post now published!
  • No children may be taken to police stations as a Place of Safety (PoS) under ss135/6 MHA – post now published!
  • The police will now have a specific power of search for those detained under ss135/6 both at the point of detention and at arrival in a Place of Safety – post now published!
  • PoS detention under ss135/6 may only last 24hrs, unless authorisation extends this to 36hrs in specific situations – post now published!
  • Section 136 will be able to be instigated anywhere other than a home – bringing new opportunities and challenges – post now published!
  • There will be a requirement, where practicable, for officers to consult with a DR, nurse or AMHP prior to using s136 – post now published!
  • Once s136 has been used, there are more considerations around how to choose the appropriate Place of Safety – post now published!
  • Adults may only be taken to police stations in ‘exceptional circumstances’ – post now published!
You can follow Michael on Twitter @MentalHealthCop 
In the News - Autumn budget 
The Guardian: Social care was overlooked
Read 'Autumn budget: the winners, the losers and the overlooked' here.
The Mental Health Foundation:budget could lead to more inequalities
The MHF are concernerned about the budget not regognising the urgent need to invest in social housing - read their statement here. Furthermore, the MHF have published a blog on what the budget could mean for mental health and wellbeing.
The BBC: key points at a glance
Review the BBC's key points here.
GOV.UK news 
The Autumn budget
Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill 2017-19
This House of Commons Library briefing provides information on key provisions in the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill 2017 - 19 .  Steve Reed MP presented the Bill on 19 July 2017, having come second in the Private Members’ Bill ballot. This briefing was prepared in advance of the Bill’s second reading on 3 November 2017. Read the briefing here.
Improving access to General Practice
Date: 5 December
Time: 10am - 3pm
Venue: Holiday Inn London Camden Lock 30 Jamestown Road, Camden Town, London NW1 7BY) 
for patient representatives and lay members to find out more about the next steps for improving access to general practice, including plans for national rollout by March 2019.   
This event will be a follow up to the webinars held in November. Content will cover the seven core requirements for improving access and what this means for you as a patient, along with an update on the range of resources that have been made available nationally for general practice staff and commissioners to support them with their local rollout.
To register for this event, please contact Claire Parker at england.gpaccess@nhs.net
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