NSUN bulletin 21st March 2016

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#NSUNthrive10 campaign

It is 10 years since the 'Doing it for ourselves’ service user conference in Birmingham.  It was at this conference in 2006 that the vision of the National Survivor User Network (NSUN) was taken forward, leading to funding in 2007 and becoming a fully independent organisation in May 2010.

We have survived!  To enable us to continue to connect, communicate and influence, we need your help. We want to continue to communicate weekly with over 5000 people. Please spread the word to help raise funds to continue our work through our #NSUNthrive10 campaign.
Donate £10 for 10 years here

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NSUN is about people 'doing it for themselves' with the right help, at the right time, in the right place.

Member Blogs

You can read the latest Member Blogs here.

Previously shared information available online

Please visit our website to find involvement opportunities, jobs and events we shared in previous e-bulletins. This includes our guides to support involvement in reducing the use of restraint in mental health settings.


PIP u-turn

George Osborne revealed in his Budget on Wednesday that funding for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) for disabled people would be cut by £4.4billion. This has sparked outrage among disability groups, and some Tory MPs have spoken out against the plan. Osborne has since said he is happy to 'listen to suggestions' as well as Education Secretary Nicky Morgan claiming the cuts were 'a suggestion' on Question Time last week. Following Ian Duncan-Smith's resignation,  a new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Stephen Crabb was announced. The Prime Minister is expected to make a formal announcement later today.

Read the latest blog from Disability Rights Uk CEO Liz Sayce here.


Campaign: Force disability charities to sever links with MPs who voted for #ESACut

DPAC's campaign to force charities to sever all links with MPs who voted for the ESA Cut has already had a good response. They would like more help to gather information by following the steps below:

  1. Check to see if your MP voted for the ESA Cut. If you don’t already know the name of your MP – you can look that up here: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/
  2. Once you have the name of your MP – look up to see if they appear on this list, if they do, then they are one of the MPs who voted for the ESA Cut.
  3. Now we’d like you to do some detective work for us –
    1. Go to the MPs website – see if they claim to support any disability charities. Look at the “about me” page, and also look at the blog to see if they have been at any disability charity events
    2. You can also look up your MP on Wikipedia – see if their entry in there mentions any disability charity links.
    3. You can do a web search for disability charities in your local area – look at their website – look especially for names of Patrons or Trustees of the charity.
    4. Look at the Charity blog, see if you can see a photo your MP grinning inanely in front of the charity logo.
  4. If you find a connection between MP and Charity – tell us! You can either leave a comment at the bottom of this blog – or email mail@dpac.uk.net.
  5. We can then put it on the blog and ask people to contact the charity – asking them to sever all links with the MP, and to ensure that they can’t use disabled people as photo opportunities again. When putting it on the blog – we will credit your work in finding the information – unless you ask us not to.

Reverse the ESA disability benefit cut petition

The House of Lords has been unable to stop a planned £30-a-week cut to disability benefits forced through by Government MPs. This will have a severe impact on those in receipt of these benefits, leaving many in literal poverty. You can sign the petition here.


4Pi National Involvement Standards gaining recognition

Since the launch of the standards we have had the opportunity to support a number of organisations develop their approach in using the framework. Last week was the first of four workshops with Lincolnshire Partnership Trust (see graphic recording above).

From tokenism to empowerment: progressing patient and public involvement in healthcare improvement

This BMJ article by Josephine Ocloo and Rachel  Matthews, references the 4Pi National Involvement Standards and explores power and decision-making to be shared more equitably with patients and the public in designing, planning and co-producing healthcare.

Background There have been repeated calls to better involve patients and the public and to place them at the centre of healthcare. Serious clinical and service failings in the UK and internationally increase the urgency and importance of addressing this problem. Despite this supportive policy context, progress to achieve greater involvement is patchy and slow and often concentrated at the lowest levels of involvement.

Read the full article here.


"Up close and personal": How mental health services can work together to provide person-centred support

Think Local Act Personal are holding a national event in partnership with the National Development Team for Inclusion (NTDi) and Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC) to address the barriers to personalised services that still exist for people with mental ill-health.

The event will take place on 19th May at Birmingham City Football Club.

Full details of the course are available online, and an agenda will be circulated in late March/early April.


Member training

Doreen Joseph is launching her book course on Perfect Circles vol 1 - an exploration of faith & relationships with YHWH (Yahweh).

The online 10 week course begins 4th April 2016 . You can find all details here.

Alternatively, she is also running a Small Home Group in Isleworth, Weds evenings from 18.45 - 20.30 from 13th  April for 10 weeks. There is a small fee for course administration and attendance.

Doreen's books are available on Available on Amazon . Titles:  'Perfect Circles vols 1 -3'; 'Prayers for a Child'; and 'Thoughts and Prayers for Teenagers'.

Email Doreen for more information.



Alliance Service user and carer survey

An Alliance  of voluntary sector organisations, such as Viewpoint and Carers in Hertfordshire, is inviting mental health service users and carers to participate in an important survey which aims to assiess the quality of treatment provided by Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT).  It will also assist in the planning of services for the future and provide direction as to any areas requiring improvement or development.   The survey is anonymous. A public report of the findings will be available in the Spring 2016. 

  • Please click here to fill out the service user survey:
  • If you are a carer please click here to fill out the survey.

The closing date for this is the 30 April 2016.


Be ready for RethinkYourMind 2016

Enter this year's visual arts and poetry competition
The next competition launches on World Mental Health Day in October 2016.

The project is free to enter & positive poetry, art & photography will be accepted from this date. You can get more information by getting in touch with RethinkYourMind, using their 'contact us' page


CQC strategy consultation

You can still respond to the Care Quality Commission’s consultation on its plans for the next five years as it develops its approach to regulation.

The consultation is open until 14 March. CQC will formally respond to the feedback provided when it publishes its strategy in May.

  • A link to the consultation document Shaping the future can be found here.
  • You can respond to the consultation through this web form or by email strategyconsultation@cqc.org.uk.
  • You can also tweet your thoughts at #cqcstrategy.