NSUN Bulletin 16th July 2018

NSUN Bulletin Tuesday 17 July 2018
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NSUN Bulletin Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Welcome to the 17 July edition of our weekly ebulletin that contains lots of updates, news and views.
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NSUN News 
Mental Health ActAlternatives to detention/sectioning under the Mental Health Act 1983 - can you help with suggestions?

Dorothy Gould is still taking suggestions as part of her work for the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act.
Please click here for more information
Reigniting the SpaceReigniting the Space steering group- recruitement is going on for Yorkshire & Humber, East Midlands and the North East.
We are thrilled to announce the steering group who will advise and support The Reigniting the Space project to rebuild a national platform for the collective voice of mental health service users and survivors from black and minority ethnic communities.
In the first round of recruitment, we have representatives from East of England, London, North West, South East, South West and West Midlands.
We are in the process of recruiting more members from Yorkshire & Humber, East Midlands and the North East.
The steering group members have extensive connections within their regions and interest and experience of addressing intersectional issues. They will act as regional links to the project and support and advice the project manager and the researchers on the project.
Contact NSUN (info@nsun.org.uk)or Jayasree Kalathil (jayasree@survivor-research.com) for further information about the project and how to get involved.
Selected blogs 
Mad In AsiaMad in Asia: Towards Multiple Narratives for Inclusion
Jayasree Kalathil and Jhilmil Breckenridge introduce Mad In Asia, a platform which launched online this week.
The not so secret life of the manic depressive, ten years on - and how it might have been
Nicky Hayward is a regular contributor, mental health activist and independent commentator.
This is Nicky's take on Stephen Fry's programme 'The not so secret life of the manic depressive, ten years on', which aired on BBC One in February 2016.
blog re-published as part of our journey re-discovering older contributions.
Disability News Service needs your help 
Disability News Service needs help
Run by disabled journalist John Prings, DNS was the first to report, in 2014, that the UK had become the first country to face a high-level inquiry by the UN’s committee on the rights of persons with disabilities into allegations of “grave or systemic violations” of the rights of disabled people.
DNS needs financial support to continue its excellent work.
John Prings says: 'Please note that this is not aimed at those who are struggling financially. Please do not contribute if you cannot easily afford to do so. But if you can, your support might allow DNS to continue well into its second decade'

To read more about DNS's 9 years of reporting and to donate, please click here
Race equality groups seek big changes to the Mental Health Act 
Race equalityA submission from Race on the Agenda and the Race Equality Foundation to the review by Sir Simon Wesseley, set up by Theresa May to look into why so many black Afro Caribbean people were being detained in mental hospitals and the need for changes to the Act.
It also comes against a disturbing background of deaths of black people in police custody.
To read the submission to the enquiry and main proposals, please click here
Documentary on post SSRI sexual dysfunction 
PSSDPSSD - Secrets of Mental Health is a student documentary which was made to raise awareness about post SSRI sexual dysfunction.
You can watch the documentary on YouTube here
Digest of research into the mental health of prisoners 
prisoners mental healthAround the world, more people than ever are locked up in prisons – estimated to be in excess of 11 million people, up by almost 20 per cent since the turn of the millennium.
According to a recent House of Commons Briefing Paper the rate of increase is even higher than this in the UK where prison populations are at a record high.
Many of these incarcerated individuals have intensifying mental health needs.
Ahead of next week’s meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Psychology on the topic of Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System, here the British Psychological Society provides a digest of research into the mental health of prisoners.
Read more here
Devon charities get men involved in sport and mental health 
Real Men Talk
"Real Men Talk" is an initiative by a number of charities getting men more involved in sports as a way of working on their mental health too.
Some take part in football on Tuesdays, with help from the Exeter City Community Trust.
You can find more information here
Online survey projects needs Mad Pride, neurodiversity, or psychiatric survivor activists 
Do you have lived experience of emotional distress, neurodivergence, and/or behavioral health treatment? Are you a Mad Pride, neurodiversity, or psychiatric survivor activist?
WHO: the project is seeking participants who have lived experience of “mental difference,” i.e. characteristics, traits, states, and phenomena that have been categorized as symptoms of mental disorders or developmental disorders, and/or lived experience of behavioral health treatment, and who have engaged in any form of advocacy.
WHY: To help researchers better understand how experiences of mental difference and behavioral health treatment impact activist involvement.
WHAT: A voluntary research study. This is an online survey lasting approximately 20-25 minutes.
Participants will be asked questions about their mental health related experiences, involvement with activism, and viewpoints on sociopolitical issues within the mental health arena.
Every 30th participant will receive a $50 gift card up to five cards.
HOW: Contact Emily Cutler at ecutler@mail.usf.edu, or click on this link:. The study’s protocol number is #00035052.
Places of safety lived experience research 
Please help to improve the service and environment at Places of Safety in North West London

The NHS is planning improvements to the service and environment at Places of Safety across the eight North West London boroughs (Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster).

The police can use the law (sections 136/135 of the Mental Health Act) to take people from a public/private place to a Place of Safety if they seem to be unwell and in need of care.
At the Place of Safety mental health staff can assess a person’s needs and work out the best next steps for them.

Researchers need to know from people with direct experience of Places of Safety (s136/5) in North West London what they think is most important to meet people’s needs in future.

What can you do?
  • If you have direct experience please consider giving your time to take the survey (below).
  • If you know someone with this experience, please let them know about the survey.
  • If you would like to arrange to take the survey in a person-to-person meeting or over the phone, please contact: samantha.holmes@rethink.org

You can take the survey online here
Call for participants for BBC Radio 4 documentary series on delusions 
Article Image
Are you someone who would be happy to volunteer to talk about their experiences of delusional beliefs?
This will be for a documentary series for BBC Radio 4. 
A key aim of the programmes is to help listeners understand people’s experience of delusional ideas and why they happen. Your real name would not be used, unless you would like it to be. Interviews will take place over the next 4-6 weeks.
Participants will be interviewed by Prof Daniel Freeman, a clinical psychologist from the University of Oxford. There is flexibility in where the interview takes place. For instance, it could be at your home, a place important to you related to the delusional ideas or in a place you feel most comfortable. 
The topic of the interview will be the experience of having delusional thoughts, how they arose, and what kept them going or helped reduce them. Delusional thoughts are strongly held ideas that you realise later are incorrect. 
For instance, it might include incorrectly thinking that:
  • You were someone very important or had exceptional abilities;
  • You were responsible for something terrible happening;
  • Your body was diseased or rotting;
  • You were dead;
  • Loved ones were replaced by imposters;
  • A conspiracy of people were against you;
  • The newspapers, television, or adverts were sending messages to you;
  • Your partner was having an affair behind your back;
  • Someone was in love with you;
  • People were reading your mind;
  • You had an unusual relationship with god, the devil, or religion;
  • Or that your body was controlled by other people.
If you are potentially interested in taking part then please send an email to:
Daniel Freeman (Daniel.freeman@psych.ox.ac.uk) or 
Victoria Shepherd (victoriaruthshepherd@gmail.com)
You could also call Daniel Freeman on 01865 613109 to discuss the potential for you to take part in the series.They cannot interview everyone who contacts them but are able to have a conversation with you about participating.
Event: Exploring the Service User Experience of Mental Health Act Assessments study  
Article Image
Date: Monday 10th September
Time: 1-5pm
Place: Wells Place Centre, Wells Place Eastleigh, SO50 5JL
As part of a collaborative study, Southern Health have been interviewing people who have experienced a mental health act assessment and are in the process of writing up the study and disseminating the findings.  
We would like to invite anyone that is interested in this area of mental health.   
The event will look at what further research is needed and how to implement changes to improve people’s experience.   
Find out more and book here.
For further information contact Louise Blakley on louise.blakley@nhs.net or contact Research & Development team Tom Rudd Unit, Moorgreen Hospital, West End Southampton, SO30 3JB TEL 023 8047 5373
Reminder: previously shared news and events 
don't forget
Nominations still open for the Marsh Awards
The awards recognise excellence in mental health peer support. You can nominate until 31 July.
User-led mental health app needs your input
Mental Snapp, a user led mental health app, is doing some research on user preferences to co-design their marketing. It would be great if you could take part in this 60 second survey and leave your email address for a chance to take part in a research phone call - there will be a £10 Amazon voucher to thank you for your time if you get selected for the phone call. Here is the survey - don’t think about it hard, just give the team a gut reaction to these four photos. 
GOV.UK news 
Consultation: Safety and security arrangements in high security psychiatric hospitals

Seeks views on proposed changes to directions and guidance setting out minimum required standards of safety and security in high security psychiatric hospitals in England.

The consultation closes on 23 August at 11:59pm

For more information please visit this page
New NHS app will make it quicker and easier to access health services

The free app will be available to everyone in England in December 2018.
Read more here
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