NSUN Bulletin 15th May 2018

NSUN Bulletin Tuesday 15 May 2018
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NSUN Bulletin Tuesday 15 May 2018
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Dear Viewpoint
Welcome to the 15 May edition of our weekly ebulletin that contains lots of updates, news and views.
This week we have a variety of walks, talks and marches to promote!
Do email us if you have any news or information that you would like included in a future bulletin. Previous bulletins can be viewed here.
Remember it's Mental Health Awareness week!
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NSUN news 
Mental Health Act review: an update from NSUN
When the Mental Health Act Review published its interim report we listed initial points of interest which you can read here.
We are now seeking support from members for a letter that will be sent to the leaders of the main political parties, to All Party Parliamentary Groups which cover disability issues and to the chair and vice chairs of the Independent Review.
At the meeting 12th April (Making changes to the Mental Health Act fit the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities), we agreed that the aim of the letter would be to advocate for reform of the Mental Health Act which is fully compliant with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Person's with Disabilities. In the review, there has been little focus on this approach so far and the interim report  looks mainly at improving the Mental Health Act 1983, not at fundamental reform which will bring it in line with human rights. 
You can find out more and how to add your name to the letter here.
You can add your signature to the letter as an individual or organisation.
Sarah Yiannoullou, our Managing Director and a member of the review’s advisory panel, said she was “critical of the “very short” time allowed for engagement with service-users.
Reminder: Involvement Workers Group to meet
The Involvement Workers Group is for anyone with lived experience who has a role in supporting others with lived experience to influence organisations, e.g. to have an impact on organisational policies and strategies and the employment and training of staff.
Attendance at meetings is free of charge, but you will need to be able to cover your travel expenses and lunch, because there is no funding for the Group at the moment.
Date: Friday 01 June,
Time: 11.45am - 3.45pm
Venue: London. (The exact venue is still to be fixed.)
If you are interested in joining the Group, please contact Dorothy Gould, the Group’s facilitator, for further information at gould.dorothy@gmail.com, or on 07565 399 422.
Selected blogs 
Read Katie's latest blog on her fight for justice and her involvement in NHS England's Learning From Deaths work.
Kindred Minds BME Manifesto 
Article Image
The Kindred Minds BME Manifesto, called "A Call for Social Justice", is unique for being BME mental health service user led.
The Manifesto is of national relevance to BME communities and essential reading for people campaigning for social justice.
The Manifesto calls for changes in local, regional and national policy and practice, in order to improve the mental wellbeing and lives of BME mental health service users. The Manifesto addresses interlinked areas of disadvantage and racism in: mental health, policing, benefits, employment, education, housing and research and knowledge production
Whilst some funds were received to start the work, this was not intended to fund everything we needed to do. The next stage is to publish, print and widely promote the Manifesto.
Whilst we have secured a venue for a launch event in London on 18 July, we still urgently need money NOW to cover design of the manifesto full report and a shorter executive summary, printing of 1000 copies of the executive summary only; and pay for refreshments and other expenses at the launch event.
You can donate to the cause here.
Visit the Kindred Minds Manifesto Facebook page for updates.
Improving community mental health care - Online survey 
Article Image
NHS England and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Health and Wellbeing (HW) Alliance - a partnership between a group of charities and the health and care system - are looking to engage service users in a new national policy project aiming to set out what good community mental health care looks like.
In particular, they are looking to better understand what people, and underrepresented groups specifically (such as older people, LGBT and BAME groups, people with physical disabilities, etc), would want from the process of care coordination and care planning – also taking into account the potential role of digital technology.
You can access the survey here.
All answers will be safely collected and analysed anonymously by the NHS England team. Your answers will help ensure future recommendations reflect the views of service users. 
This would inform work around the future of the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and how it could be (co-)redesigned to improve community mental health care.
Exploring the history of user/survivor research and knowledge – Seminar 
Article Image
EURIKHA is a global research project exploring the emergence of social movements which privilege the rights and perspectives of people who experience severe mental distress, variedly known around the world as users, survivors, consumers, clients, patients, persons with psychosocial disabilities, etc.
The project, led by Prof Diana Rose and based at SURE, King’s College London, is organising a seminar to engage with the public, especially, user/survivors, on
21st May.
For more information and to register, please visit the Eurikha website.
North Teeside mental health action week 
LaunchpadMental healh action week is an alternative to mental health awareness week.
Survivors and carers were asked to identify key themes which impact their mental health negatively.
This led to a series of free actions which will take place across North Tyneside during the week starting on 14 May. Some actions require you to book your place in advance.
Please take a look at this page for more information and contact details.
Mental Health Awareness Week 
Article Image
Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, this year's focus for Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May) is stress
The Mental Health Foundation are encouraging people to run a Curry & Chaat event for Mental Health Awareness Week. Curry & Chaat is their new fundraising campaign. The aim is to get together with friends, enjoy a delicious curry and raise money for the Mental Health Foundation and their vision of a world with good mental health for all.
Find out more here.
Head Talks - #HonestGram campaign 
Head Talks have launched anew social media campaign #HonestGram for Mental Health Awareness Week (14th– 20thMay). The aim is to spark a more honest thread of conversations on social media.

The aim is for #HonestGram to create a space on social media during Mental Health Awareness Week (and beyond) for open and honest discussions about how we’re really feeling. How we represent our lives on social media is often very different to the nitty gritty reality of everyday life. Instead of the #lifegoals ideal, #HonestGram is an opportunity for us to speak freely about our thoughts and feelings. 

So here are the 4 simple steps to get involved:
  1. Upload a nice image of yourself to Instagram, perhaps one that you have posted previously.
  2. Write an honest caption about how you were actually feeling at that time.  
  3. Use the hashtag #HonestGram and tag in @headtalksnews.
  4. Nominate a couple of friends to do the same by tagging them in the caption.
Head Talks aims to inform, inspire and engage those interested in the mind and mental wellbeing. Find out more here.
Service User and Carer Conference 2018 
happy heads event
involve@mdx, the social work service user representation group at Middlesex University, supported by the North London Social Work Teaching Partnership, is hosting its first Service User & Carer Conference.
Date: Monday 21 May
Time: 10am - 3.30pm
Venue: Middlesex University, The Burroughs,Hendon, London, NW4 4BT 
The conference is dedicated to the importance of service user and carer involvement in social work education, practice and research, and will highlight the achievements of service user and carer groups.
You can book your ticket directly via this link.
There is money towards reasonable costs for travel, PA’s etc but please check with Simona first on the contact details below.
If you have any other queries please email involve@mdx.ac.uk or contact Simona Mot at 020 8356 1889.
Wish - Women's Mental Health Awareness Training 
Article Image
Date: Wednesday 23rd May,
Venue: Bethnal Green
Wish’s latest training package was created for people working in the community with women who have complex needs or who just want to gain an awareness of women’s mental health.

The day covers:
  • Major mental health diagnoses – anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder; their symptoms and common treatments
  • Common life experiences of women in touch with services: trauma, abuse and gender violence, poverty, isolation, loss of children, lack of opportunities
  • Personality Disorder
  • Intersection with the Criminal Justice System
  • Coping strategies including self-injury, drugs & alcohol, eating disorders, dissociation
And most importantly, Wish’s trainers give participants the skills they need to work successfully with this client group, and to ensure staff wellbeing:
  • How to work positively to meet women’s specific needs including relational security, consistency and boundaries
  • Looking after yourself: avoiding burnout and staying emotionally well
This course is a must for staff working with women in services such as refuges, rape and sexual assault centres, housing, family support services, the criminal justice system, drug and alcohol services etc.
Wish is the only national, user-led charity working with women with mental health needs in prison, hospital and the community.
Tickets: £100 per person here.
Women's Mental Health Network launch 
WMHNA  live music and poetry event, Turn Up the Volume, will launch the Women's Mental Health Network (WMHN).
Turn Up The Volume will be a display of brilliant female voices who all want to see a change in the mental health system.
Date: 8 June
Venue: Kennedy Hall in Cecil Sharp House in Camden. London
Tickets: £21.50
For more information about the event and a contact email to book a place, plese visit this page
African Caribbean Community Initiative (ACCI) - Carers Day 
1st prison yellow book - artwork
ACCI is holding its its annual Carer’s Day of celebration: 12th June 2018
Carer’s Day gives carers an opportunity to reflect, raise awareness and celebrate together. Carers are able to give an account of their experiences of how mental health has touched their lives and what it means to be a carer.
The event will take place from 10:30am to 3:00pm at the
Heritage Centre, Clifford Street, Wolverhampton WV6 OAA. 
To book a place email carers@acci.org.uk.
Boot Out Austerity Marches On! 
Article Image
This year's Britisah Association of Social Workers (BASW) is holding its AGM in Cardiff on 13th June.
More details here.
To mark the occassion there will be a Boot Out Austerity walk the day before, starting from Blackwood.
It's a 15 mile walk, just right for a day's protest walking, and we'll be gathering for a Boot Out Austerity-style morning rally outside the Blackwood Miners Institute at 9am, before setting off towards Caerphilly, and then in the afternoon from there to Cardiff.
Find out more about the march by contacting
Guy Shennin
Suffragette city summer solstice walk in London 
Suffragetes Artist Michelle Baharier invites you to walk though Suffragette City with her on 23 June staring at 11.45 pm meeting South side Tower Bridge, meeting  the Cook, Hannah Griggs or Wonder Woman - ending outside house’s of Parliament at Boudiccia’s sculpture .....it will be a night of fun and frolics...playing games and telling stories Celebrating the hidden legacy’s of women who have made changes though their contributions  to societal transition.
23 June 2018, at 11.45 pm meeting South Side Tower Bridge at 42 bus stop.

This walk is supported by NSUN, Hoarding UK and Colin and Strawberry Jazz.
Not My Shame - A book by T.O.Walker 
Article ImageThis striking graphic novel gives an insider's view of the trauma caused by childhood sexual exploitation.
It tackles complex issues, including victim-blaming, traumatic memory and dissociation, but is ultimately hopeful, showing how victims can be good parents and come to terms with their past through therapy, art and caring relationships.
You can read the full review by Jessica Kingsley Publishers and buy the paperback or ebook for £8.99 here.
The Unseen Battle - A book by Ruth Fox 
Article ImageThe Unseen Battle: One young footballer's struggle off the pitch
'Every person you meet has their own story. At eighteen years old, my journey has barely begun, but embedded within my years are lessons, challenges, difficulties and struggles. My story reflects the harsh reality of what mental illness can do to somebody's seemingly ideal life; an athlete, a high achieving student, a sister, a friend... It's hard-hitting and difficult to read, but unfortunately not uncommon and also nothing more than I’ve had to live through. I've made the decision to share my story, to put it out there, because I hope it can make an impact on somebody and I truly hope that person is you.'
You can buy the Kindle edition here for £2.99
GOV.UK news 
Shaping the future of the community mental health services pathway & the Care Programme Approach
NHS England is looking to better understand what people, and underrepresented groups specifically, want from the process of care coordination and care planning – also taking into account the potential role of digital technology. This would inform our work around the future of the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and how it could be (co-) redesigned to improve community mental health care.
You can complete the online survey here.
New system launched to help measure and prevent medication errors
A groundbreaking system to help the NHS monitor, learn from and prevent costly medication errors has been launched today. The system will link prescribing data in primary care to hospital admissions to help the NHS monitor and prevent errors.
Read more here.
Independent Review of thre Mantal Health Act - summary of work so far
Along with Easy Read and BSL versions of the interim report, this page offers a summary of the review's work so far.
Mental health “game-changer” care leads to 75 per cent reduction in hospital admissions
Improved mental health care for patients with physical ailments has reduced demand for GP appointments and cut hospital admissions by three quarters in a pilot scheme as part of a programme of new services that NHS England is rolling out across the country. Read more here.
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