HPFT Peer Experience Listening Training

Are You Able to Listen?

Would you like to be involved in a project aimed at improving the services you receive?

Are you a good listener?

Would you like to support others to give feedback?

We need the benefit of your experience.


“There is something very validating about taking part in a project and seeing the results in black and white.”

We need Peer Experience Listeners – If you, or someone you have cared for has used mental health services we need you.



We are offering training for the role of Peer Experience Listener to support others who have similarly shared a recent experience of mental health services to give their feedback on the services they received. Gaining these views is essential in order to improve services for others in the future.

“For me the function of the peer listening group is of drawing on people’s real experiences and emotive input and then feeding back to services to then work on making relevant and substantial changes for the better”

On successful completion of the course you will reimbursed for your interviewing time in recognition for your valuable contribution or you may choose to work as a volunteer with your expenses paid if you wish.

The next Peer Experience Listening training will start on Thursday 24th April 2014. Sessions will run for four weeks every Thursday from 10am until 1pm, followed by three further mandatory training sessions. You must be able to complete all sessions to be able to conduct interviews as a Peer Experience Listener. 

If you are interested please get in contact as soon as possible to apply. Applications need to be received by Friday 4th Apriland places will be offered on a first come first serve basis. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information please contact :

Ginnie Abubakar or Rachel Fox 

Telephone 07825831670 / 07824626176
Email pel@hpft.nhs.uk
Voicemail 01727 804803

To date Peer Experience Listeners have helped gained the views from over 300 people and their comments have directly informed action plans for service developments and contributed to the training of staff. This year one of the areas we will be encouraging feedback on community services.

What our current Peer Experience Listeners say…

“The nature of peer experienced interactions helps to guide services in a more sensitive framework. The qualitative information that we gain is obtained based up on the peer respecting the thoughts and feelings of the person they are talking to and therefore this can hopefully build trust so we can get information which can help us to see what is good about our service and how we can help to improve it”

“I think the leaflet on mental health act assessments was a great benefit. I have heard positive feedback from both of those with lived experience, and professionals who have both found it equally helpful as they say it has detailed, and useful information. As someone who has had experiences of mental health act assessments I think the leaflet is important as often in these circumstance things can be confusing. This shows what seems like a small detail, such as a leaflet, can actually have a big positive impact on service delivery”