New Leaf College needs you!

New Leaf provides a modern, effective education approach to people self-managing their wellbeing within Hertfordshire.  The college is based on recovery approaches of belief of individual strength, co-production and self-management.   
Co-production makes sure people with lived experience are equal partners in the college and course development.
We need to make sure all aspects of the college are accessible to all students and potential students.  We need to carry out an audit looking at the courses, venues, teaching style and college administration. We would welcome your help.
It will probably involve some travel.

You will be asked to read, comment and contribute to various papers and make sure the college achieves its objectives.  We particularly welcome interest from existing students. Contact:  Irma.mullins@hpft.nhs.ukor 07342 073731

(New Leaf is provided by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with Druglink Ltd. The college has a multi-agency Curriculum Board which includes people with experience of mental health and physical health conditions, health & social care organisations and third sector organisations. The board works co-productively to provide the best educational opportunities for you to learn about your wellbeing.)