Nascot Lawn Stakeholder Briefing Outcome


Briefing for Stakeholders - Nascot Lawn - Outcome of Judicial Review

21 February 2018

The Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) finance and performance committee unanimously concluded at its meeting on 16 November that the CCG would not continue to fully fund the respite service at Nascot Lawn.  This difficult decision was made in the context of a very challenging financial environment, and having to assess priorities in order to meet the financial requirements placed on us by statute.

Our decision was reached after a period of extensive engagement. We had these discussions with, for example: Hertfordshire County Council, Carers in Herts; Herts Parents Carers Involvement; Healthwatch; and of course the families of children using the service. We also conducted detailed assessments of children’s needs, and a wider consideration of the CCG’s challenging financial position was also important in our decision-making.

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