HPFT- Opportunity to display your artwork.


Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust is looking for more art, by people with a lived experience of mental health services, for our buildings in Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties.

Do you know anyone that might want to apply or can you help by displaying or forwarding the attached detail? We would be very grateful for your help. Feedback we've received from artists that have had their work selected, framed and displayed has been very positive.

There is an application process and we particularly want to receive applications from:

- people that haven’t applied to us before

- people that may have applied before but have no or few pieces in our art collection

- children and young people

Please click here for the application form. Any questions please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Katie Tyssen

Provision of Visual Arts for HPFT

07887 778449


Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust c/o Facilities & Capital Planning

15 Forest Lane

Harper Lane

Kingsley Green


Herts WD7 9HQ

As part of our commitment to improving our services, we’ve made it easier to get help and advice about our mental health and learning disability services. Calling 0300 777 0707 gives you direct access to mental health professionals and ensures everyone gets effective and consistent support. Find out more on http://www.hertspartsft.nhs.uk