HPFT - Filming for Gender Identity Awareness Training

We are implementing a new staff training programme around gender identity in partnership with Gendered Intelligence.  As part of this training we are wanting to include film clips of people sharing their personal experiences in relation to:

•                      Expression of gender

•                      Transitions and identifying as trans, non-binary

•                      Being a friend or family member and the experience of transition of a loved one

•                      Experience of care, trans and non-binary personal journeys

We are looking for people across the trans and non-binary gender spectrum who may be interested to be involved to share their story and be interviewed briefly on camera.  All films will be used only for internal staff training (unless otherwise agreed with participants) and the filming will take place on 12th September in Hatfield.

If you know anyone interested (or are interested yourself) please can you ask people to contact hpft.equality@nhs.net  - please note that someone will get back to people after 6th September due to staff leave.