Hertfordshire Transgender Health Needs Assessment

A new piece of research by Viewpoint on the health needs of the transgender community has been launched in Hertfordshire

Members of the Steering Group

Viewpoint has produced a unique piece of research into the health needs of the transgender community in Hertfordshire which has uncovered a large amount of unmet need and suffering. We commissioned Sonny van Eden, a trans man, to lead the research in order to give transgender people a voice to say what sort of help they need and provide information about support and resources.

We have been funded by Herts County Council, the local NHS and Hertfordshire Health Watch and supported by Public Health. Until recently, no services existed for the transgender community in Hertfordshire and this is the first piece of research in the country looking specifically at their health needs.

As a result of the report, Hertfordshire’s Drug & Alcohol Thriving Families Service has recruited six support workers who are Transgender Champions. One of them is based at HM The Mount Prison.

The Transgender Health Needs Assessment Report lists 22 recommendations which have been endorsed by the Diversity Board. The Report has been presented to the Public Health Board.

The Report was launched on 15th October in Watford and over 50 people attended. A Steering Group is developing an action plan to implement the recommendations. If you are interested in getting involved and finding out more, please email jacqui@hertsviewpoint.co.uk or call 01707 328014. To download the report, click on this link.