Find out about the Bus consultation in Hertfordshire

The county council currently uses taxpayers’ money to subsidise a number of bus services. Without this financial support these bus services may not run because the commercial bus operators regard them as not profitable. It is a small proportion of these services (around 8% of all miles covered by bus services in Hertfordshire) which are the focus of this consultation.

Hertfordshire County Council currently spends £3.8m every year on supporting bus services –119 services in total. The amount of support the county council pays per passenger journey ranges from 10p to over £9 per individual journey. Factors that affect the amount of financial support include how many passengers use a particular service and whether or not the passenger is using a concessionary (discounted) pass to travel.

In the current financial climate, Hertfordshire County Council need to review whether this arrangementprovides the best value for taxpayers money while meeting, as far as possible, the essential travel needs of Hertfordshire’s residents. The county council is committed to saving at least £700k from the annual budget of £3.8m by April 2015.


To take part in the consultation, visit the Hertfordshire County Council Website to find out more and complete the online survey.

To request additional paper copies of the survey, please phone: 0300 123 4050 or email

The consultation closes on 8th October 2014